Daddy bear and the old man

Daddy Bear and the strange old man agreed to meet on the overpass of Baihua Valley in the Forest Park on the 13th of next month.

Papa Xiong quickly took his notes, but he recorded it on the 31st of the next month.

On the 13th, the old man blamed him on the flyover with two pairs of fishing rods on his back. He stood on the bridge and looked left and right, but he couldn’t wait for Papa Bear.

The strange old man thought: “This father bear wants to follow me to learn to fish and be my apprentice, hum, fail.”

The old man blame was thinking, and suddenly a child’s voice rang in his ear: “Grandpa blame, what are you doing here?”

Blame the old man, yeah, it’s Daddy Bear’s child, Baby Bear. The blamed old man said: “Hey, I’m waiting for my apprentice, and he will learn to fish with me.”

Baby Bear yelled happily: “Wow, I will learn to fish with you, I will learn to fish with you, and I will be your apprentice.”

The old man blamed with a grin and said, “Okay, let’s go fishing.”

The blamed old man thought: “This father bear is so smart that he let his son learn to fish with me, hehe, don’t tell me.”

On the 31st, Father Bear came to the overpass of Baihua Valley in Forest Park. He waited and waited and couldn’t wait to blame the old man. He thought: “It may be that the old man is testing me to see if I have perseverance and perseverance. Hey, I’ll wait.”

At noon, the sun was shining fiercely, and Papa Bear was sweating, but he did not go to hide in the shade.

At this time, Guai Xiaobao, the son of the old man, came carrying two sets of fishing rods. Guai Xiaobao asked strangely: “Daddy Bear, what are you doing here?”

Father Xiong smiled and said, “I’m waiting for my teacher. He wants to teach me how to fish.”

Guai Xiaobao said happily, “Haha, let me teach you. Look, I just bought a new fishing rod.”

Papa Xiong said, “Okay.” He thought Xiaobao was sent by the old man.

Three months later, the old man blamed and father bear agreed to go fishing together with his son. In the evening, hold a bonfire roast fish party in Baihua Valley.

The two families were carrying fishing rods and assembled on the flyover in Baihua Valley.

Baby Bear walked up to the old man and shouted, “Master!”

Daddy Bear walked up to Wei Xiaobao and shouted, “Master!”

Both Daddy Bear and the old man felt a little strange. Daddy Bear said: “Oh, old man, on the 31st, why didn’t you come and sent your son to teach me fishing?”

Blame the old man laughing, he understands, Daddy Bear lost everything and remembered the time wrong. This mistake does not matter, but there are two wrong stories. But the old man deliberately said: “Well, you are a junior, my son will teach you. Today, I will teach you how to catch stars!”

The old man blame and father bear took their son and sat on the overpass. Blame the old man to teach them to catch the stars.

The stars swayed and swayed, leaping and leaping like fish in the river, swimming towards the bridge of Baihua Valley.

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