Dance for the “favorite”

Since Mimitu learned to dance, he has often danced for the sun, moon, stars, forest and mother earth, because they are all the “favorites” in Mimitu’s heart.

Whenever he saw Mimi Tu dancing, Father Sun would raise his beard, smiling, and the light he gave out was even more charming. Seeing his dancing, Feng’er slowed down unknowingly, making the pedestrians on the road feel more comfortable. At night, when the stars saw him dancing, they would wink at him mischievously, and the starry sky became clearer. The moon will smile more peacefully (mì) when he sees his dancing posture.

Xianzu Axiang felt extremely comforted in his heart. He knew that this was the best gift given to him by the offspring of the Rabbit clan. At this time, Mimitu seemed to feel that Xianzu Axiang came to him and merged with him. He jumped into a supernatural way, as if everything around him no longer existed, only Xianzu Axiang held his hand and jumped forgivingly.

The venue where Mimi Tu dances is in a clearing under the big poplar tree. Their family lives in the tree cave of Grandpa Dayangshu, so Grandpa Dayangshu sees Mimi Tu dancing most often, and he is the one who loves to watch him dance the most.

Spring is coming. Mimitu found that the furry buds appeared on the branches of Grandpa Dayang Tree, and the small buds slowly grew fat and turned into small furry balls. Some branches still have two small balls growing on them, just like rabbit ears. There were three small balls growing on the branches, which seemed to be a complete bunny head.

Mimi Tu was dumbfounded, and asked in surprise: “Grandpa Dayangshu, you have baby rabbits too? Am I your grandson?”

Grandpa Dayangshu laughed and said, “Mimi Rabbit, My’babies are not as big as you, but they will deform and become like red caterpillars when they grow up.”

“Oh! It’s amazing. They are deformed rabbits, but they are also my brothers and sisters. (Zǐ) Sister!” Mimi said excitedly.

“Yes, although you and my tree babies are different in color and shape, you both grow on the earth and are children of the forest. Therefore, you have to love each other like brothers and sisters.”

Mimi Rabbit Nodded heavily. He looked up at Grandpa Dayangshu’s tall, straight torso, and said enviously: “Grandpa Dayangshu, you are really tall, and your body is straight and straight, like the most

powerful warrior in the forest!” Grandpa Dayangshu He smiled and said, “Mimi Rabbit, have you heard the saying,’You have to straighten your waist when you are a man? The same goes for a tree.”

Mimi rabbit hand touched the poplar grandfather gray bark, smooth, but there are longitudinal, he asked: “? Grandpa, your scars hurt you,”

“Grandpa’s older, and more experienced wind and rain, the body It’s always inevitable to leave some scars, and it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

At this time, a gust of wind blew and the leaves rustled. It turned out that the baby leaves on the big poplar tree swayed their heart-shaped bodies, saying hello to Mimi Rabbit. Mimi Tu also hurriedly waved.

When Ye Baobao asked Mimi Tu to dance, he readily agreed. He jumped passionately, and the scenes of his past life reappeared in his mind one after another: in the dark night when the sun, moon, and stars all go home to rest, in the squally fury, torrential rain, or heavy snow, the cold is enveloped (lǒng zhào) On the occasion of the entire forest, Grandpa Dayangshu uses his torso to fight the violent storm and protect Mimi Tu’s family from wind and rain… Mimi Tu’s ears also sounded what his mother once said: “Remember, My child, Grandpa Dayangshu is the patron saint of our family, and we will never forget the kindness of his old man!”

At this time, Grandpa Dayangshu, his deformed children and Baobabs, as well as the entire forest, were all intoxicated. In the graceful dance of Mimi Rabbit. The forest is full of peace and warmth (xīn).

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