Dick Pig|Don’t put the blocks in your mouth

This morning, Dick Pig came to the nursery pen very early. Start playing table games.

Dick Pig used building blocks to build a castle, but he didn’t think the castle was beautiful enough. Dick Pig was thinking about it while biting on the blocks, which were left with the marks of his teeth.

Dick Pig saw some round beads in the basket. “By the way, I use this kind of round bead blocks to decorate the castle, so that my castle is beautiful.”

Playing with it, Dick Pig suddenly thought: When other children come to play with the round bead blocks, I won’t have enough.

Dick Pig picked out all the round bead blocks from the basket, and put them into his mouth one by one. Haha, so you won’t be afraid of other children coming to get it.

Dick Pig installed a beaded building block. He took one and spit one out of his mouth. When he spit out the third round bead brick, Hua Ban Niu came.

The piebald cow saw Dick Pig’s mouth bulging and asked: “Dick Pig, what’s the matter with you?”

Dick Pig was so scared that he spit out a round bead building block, and pointed his finger at his throat, looking uncomfortable.

The piebald cow was taken aback, and immediately shouted: “Teacher Miao Miao, come and see Dick Pig.”

Teacher Miaomiao ran over and saw Dick Pig’s uncomfortable look, and saw the wet round bead blocks on the table, she understood.

“Dick Pig, did you get stuck in your throat by the round bead blocks?” Teacher Miao Miao asked anxiously. Dick Pig couldn’t talk, just nodded vigorously.

Teacher Miao Miao took Dick Pig to the hospital. The doctor picked out the round bead blocks from Dick Pig’s throat.

The doctor said: “It’s really dangerous! You must never put small things such as building blocks, glass balls, buttons, etc. into your mouth in the future.”


1. Why did Dick Pig put the round bead blocks in his mouth?

——I want to play Yuanshu blocks by myself.

2. What is wrong with Dick Pig?

——Bite the blocks and put them in your mouth. This is neither sanitary nor safe.

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