“Different Bobo Bears” the remote control to turn off the sun

The remote control that can turn off the sun

Dad bought a color TV, all with remote control.

One press of the remote control, Little White Rabbit TV station immediately changed to Big Bad Wolf TV station; another press, Big Bad Wolf TV station became Little Fat Bear TV station.

Bobo Xiong yelled to play with the remote control, and Papa Xiong said:

“This baby is fascinating. Children can’t play.”

Dad went to work, Bobo Xiong pulled out the hidden remote control and thought: Is it really that amazing? I have to try it.

As soon as he looked up when he went out, Bobo Xiong saw the sun in the sky. He pointed the remote at the sun and pressed a button as if he had extinguished an electric light. With a “pop”, it was suddenly dark.

Owls work at night and sleep at home during the day. Now he was taken aback:

“What’s the matter? Just after get off work, it’s night again?”

The little fox shouted: “Tengu eat the sun!”

“Where are some tengu eating the sun, that is called a total solar eclipse.” Cobra said. “According to my calculation, how can the total solar eclipse be advanced next month?”

Bobo Xiong was also terrified, and he quickly pressed the remote control, “Pop!”, the day lighted again.

“Hi, that’s amazing!”

A fawn is eating leaves. Eating, eating, but can’t reach the young leaves on the top of the tree.

Bobo Xiong saw it, pointed the remote control at the deer’s neck, and pressed the button, “Hulala”, the deer’s neck grew quickly.

The deer’s head reached into the clouds. From a distance, it looks like a bunch of “Baiyun” lamb skewers. Two little birds flew over and landed on top of the deer’s head.

“This chimney is really good. It was built high and has many patterns painted.”

“Yes, this chimney doesn’t smoke, it’s great!”

The two little birds talked.

The little fox shouted in surprise:

“Everyone, come and see! Here comes a monster, it has no head!”

The little monkey climbed to the top of the tree to look, but he couldn’t see his head. He said in surprise:

“It really doesn’t have a head, it’s really a monster!”

The little tiger touched his head and said angrily:

“It’s not good not to have a head, where does the mouth grow? How do you eat?”

Bobo Xiong was very angry when he heard it, and said loudly: “She is not a monster, she is a deer, she has a head…”

Bobo Xiong said while pressing the remote control. The deer’s neck “hulala” shortened again, just enough to eat the young leaves on the top of the tree.

The little deer didn’t figure it out at all, but in the blink of an eye, he became a giraffe.

“Haha, we are going to make a fortune now!” At some point, three people suddenly emerged from the bushes. They were holding guns and were aiming at the little animals.

“Bear’s paw, monkey brain, antler, tiger bone… Oh, it’s all valuable things!” said one of them greedily.

Bobo Xiong, who was hiding behind the tree, saw the three gangsters and quickly used his brains, and immediately thought of the remote control. Yes, use the remote control to treat them.

“DaDaDa”, Bobo Xiong took the remote control, pointed at the three bad guys, and pressed the button.

The three bad guys didn’t even dream of it. If the fortune they got was flew away, they were still set there and turned into stone statues.

At night, Papa Xiong wanted to watch TV, but when he pressed the switch, he realized that the remote control was malfunctioning.

It turned out that Popo Bear was holding the remote control and playing with the little animals. Click here and there, the battery has long been used up.

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