Doodle Mouse: Happiness is all around you

Dudushu is always upset.

When the weather is clear, walking in the sun, he would say that the sun is too dazzling. On windy and rainy days, he would say again, this kind of weather really makes people feel uncomfortable.

Dudushu hates the birds that sing on the branches in the morning. Seeing the happily singing birds, Dudushu always said: “It’s so noisy, it’s so noisy, hate birds, what can I do to sing.” Dudushu also hates the lights at night Fireflies dancing down. Seeing the happy dancing fireflies, Toot Mouse will say: “I’m so annoying, I’m so annoying, the dancing fireflies.”

Dudushu frowned and said to his father: “The shoes you bought are too fat, and my feet are going straight in circles.” Dudushu frowned and said to his mother: “Your cooking is too weak. It’s terrible.”

Downstairs lived the little friend of Dudushu Maoshu. Hairy Mouse is always happy. He wore the fat and big sneakers bought by his father, kicking football in the sun, and playing happily in the wind and rain. Especially once, when Dudushu came to Maoshu’s house, it happened to see Maoshu’s mother put a slightly burnt pancake on the plate in front of Maoshu, and Maoshu picked up the pancake and ate it. While eating, he said: “Mommy’s pancakes are so delicious.” Seeing Maoshu’s happy look, Dudushu quietly said in his heart: “Fool, it’s fun to burn the pancakes. What’s so fun!”

No matter what time, Dudushu always frowned and looked upset.

One day, Dudushu got sick. He could only stay in the house for several days, couldn’t walk in the sun, couldn’t shake hands with the wind, and couldn’t go out and sulking with the naughty raindrops. It was really uncomfortable.

Maoshu came with a group of friends. They brought wild flowers that exuded the smell of sunlight, swallow kites that hung in the wind, and small boats they folded with their own hands. They sang songs like a flock of little birds, and danced around the house happily like fireflies.

The Toddler lying on the bed was so happy, tears of excitement flashed in his eyes, everything was so beautiful.

Soon Dudushu recovered from his illness, and he no longer looked unhappy. He feels very happy every day. Hehe, Dudushu understands a truth, but happiness is all around him.

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