Drooling puppy

The flaming sun hung high in the sky.

Little squirrel, little hedgehog and puppy play together. It’s hot to play, hide under the shade of the big tree to enjoy the cool. The puppy stretched its tongue and lay on the ground, breathing heavily and drooling.

The little hedgehog covered his nose and said, “Puppy, you are so big, and you drool, so dirty!”

The little squirrel also said: “Yes.” The puppy became angry when he heard it: “You think I am dirty, I will go, and I won’t play with you!”

When I got home, my mother saw the puppy’s mouth pursed high, and asked, “What’s wrong, who caused you?” The puppy said aggrievedly: “Little hedgehogs and squirrels said I was drooling, and they thought I was dirty!”

“Oh, just for this little thing. Just explain it to them.” Mom smiled. “Animal sweat glands usually grow on the skin, and heat dissipation through the skin, such as horses, mules, donkeys, and so on. The sweat glands of cows grow in the seams of the hooves, and the rabbits dissipate heat through the ears. Our dogs’ sweat glands are on the tongue, so it is not drooling, but sweating to dissipate heat.”

The mother dog is enlightening the puppy, and the little squirrel and the little hedgehog walked into the house: “Mother, we heard everything you said. We were wrong. We shouldn’t say brother puppy…”

The little squirrel, little hedgehog, and puppy all laughed, reconciled as before, and happily went to play together.

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