Du Bao is going to sleep

Du Bao wanted to sleep, but couldn’t sleep at all.

He asked the wizard for help. The wizard gave him a book and told him that with this treasure, he could sleep well.

In the beginning, this method really worked. Du Bao held the book, slept soundly, slept well, and laughed in his dreams.

But before long, a new problem occurred. Du Bao was always afraid that someone would steal his precious book. This time it was not that he could not sleep, but had nightmares.

Du Bao had to hide the book in the safest place, but the book was still missing. Looking around, it turned out that the giraffe took the book.

The giraffe opened the book and told Du Bao that there were beautiful pictures and good stories.

Du Bao fell asleep while listening to the giraffe reading the story.

It turns out that the story in the book is the real treasure.

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