Duckling go to school

When Duckling Puduo was very young, he couldn’t wait and wanted to go to school.

Every day, Xiao Ya Ya and her two good friends, Pippi and En En, would enviously watch the big brother and big sister go to school and after school.

All of them are carrying school bags, they look so majestic! Duckling hopes he can be like them too!

One day, when Duckling was helping his mother make his favorite biscuits, his mother just hugged him and said to him: “Little baby, when you grow up, you can go to school!”

The duckling shook his feathers triumphantly. “Mom, will I have my own schoolbag?” “Of course!” Mom said with a smile, “and it’s a very special schoolbag!”

That night, the ducklings huddled in their nests, imagining how they were going to school, and their hearts kept pounding.

However, when he got close to his mother’s warm and soft feathers, he didn’t want to leave.

He thought: Maybe he can wait until he becomes an old duck before going to school!

“Today, every freshman in the school will be excited and upset, right?” Mom said softly. She helped Duckling carry the schoolbag on its wings.

“Going to school for the first time is a very important step for you.”

However, Duckling didn’t know if he could step out, even if it was just a small step.

His feet seemed to be stuck tightly to the ground.

“You will have a great time.” Mom said with a smile, “You are my bravest little baby!” She gently guarded the duckling, and walked along the stepping stones with him to the school step by step. .

When Duckling put down his schoolbag, he found something familiar…

It was a feather of the mother stuffed in the school bag, as if telling the duckling: “Mom is here!”

Duckling feels that he has become brave all at once, and can take a big step.

When he was sitting on the lotus leaf, the little friend beside him whispered to him: “I like your feather.”

The morning time passed quickly…

They were busy helping the ladybugs match, counting the caterpillars, and jumping grids on the lotus leaf…

Busy until the teacher flapped his wings and announced that he was going to have lunch.

Duckling usually eats lunch with his mother. At this time, he felt so far away from his mother.

Duckling took out the lunch box from his school bag and found that his mother had prepared his favorite food for him…

There are also four delicious homemade biscuits-one for Pippi, one for Grace, and one for new friends.

After lunch, it was time for a nap under the willow tree.

Duckling glanced into his schoolbag, hoping that mother would remember to pretend that he loves to sleep with him…

Mom really remembered it!

In the afternoon, the ducklings began to make gifts for mom and dad.

Some make foot prints, some make daisy garlands, and some make small crafts of branches.

When school is over, Duckling carefully puts the twigs and crafts into his school bag, happily ran home along the stepping stones, and ran to the warm and soft embrace of his mother.

At night, when they were cuddling each other in their nest, the duckling recalled the life of the first day of school, and his heart thumped again.

He can’t wait and wants to know: What will he do in school tomorrow?

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