Dung ball fragrant

On the grass, a big cow pulled a lot of poo, which was very big.

“It’s stinking!” The little rabbit covered her mouth and spread four legs and ran away.

“I don’t want the honey I brew to mix with the smell of cow dung.” The bee flew away.

“It’s annoying, my flower wings have just been perfumed.” Butterflies avoided.

“My dear, I found my baby! It was a gift from Daniel.” The couple walked on the grass. The male feces had sharp eyes, and he first saw the cow poo and said to the mother feces.

“It’s a good baby! Let’s use it to make delicious dishes!” said Mu Shi Ke Lang.

“No, I’m going to use it to build a nursery room, because I want to be a father. I’m going to have many, many children.” Gong Shiluo said proudly.

“Okay! So what are you waiting for? Let’s do it!” Mu Shi Ke Lang was very happy.

The two husbands and wives together, you pushed me and rubbed them. They made big dung balls, and these big dung balls were the nursery room.

Mama Shikelang lays her eggs on the nursery. As soon as Xiaoshikelang comes out of her shell, her mother says to them: “Children, nursery is your food, eat it! Let go of your belly and eat! You can grow up quickly if you eat it. .”

“It’s great!” Xiao Shi Ke Lang carried it, carried it, and took the nursery room to eat.

“I eat the door.”

“I eat the window.”

“What I eat is the bed.”

“I eat a pillow.”

Xiao Shi Ke Lang can dismantle whatever he wants to eat, dismantle and eat. What a wonderful and interesting thing! When they finish dismantling the nursery and finish eating, Xiao Shi Ke Lang will grow up, and he can go find food by himself!

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