Enthusiastic goat

Goats and white rabbits are playing in the woods. Not far away came the clamor of wolves. The goat and the white rabbit looked at the sound, and saw that the two wolves were inextricably beaten. One wolf shouted: “Today, I have to beat you!” Another wolf howled: “Today, I have to fight you!”

The white rabbit said in a panic: “Brother Goat, run!”

The goat was displeased and said, “How can we run? We should go and persuade him to fight.”

“No, I’m afraid, I’m afraid…” said the white rabbit and ran away.

“I must not watch them desperately and ignore it. I want to persuade them to stop and get back together.” The goat murmured and ran to the wolf.

“Hey, stop it, don’t fight! Be united, don’t split…” The goat yelled to the wolf sincerely.

However, before the goat came to the front, the two wolves pounced together and divided the goats for food.

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