Fat belly

Little pig Luo Luo is really happy today, because today is his birthday.

“Hey, there must be many delicious things waiting for me at home!”

Luo Luo returned home, and as soon as he opened the door, his friends all came to him and said, “Rolo, happy birthday! Happy birthday!”

At this time, Mom and Dad have put all the delicious things on the table, including cakes, ham, cheese, drinks…

“Ah—” Luo Luo sniffed vigorously, the smell was really fragrant! Luo Luo immediately ate with his friends. He ate chicken drumsticks and smoked fish; he ate steak and cheese; he ate apples and bananas… Eat and eat, his little hands were covered with oil, and his mouth was covered with jam. Eat and eat, and Luo Luo’s belly soon became a big swollen ball. “Haha, look at my fat belly.”

“Ding Dong—” The doorbell rang, and the bear came. “Rolo, I will give you a big cake, happy birthday to you!”

When Luo Luo saw the big cake covered with butter, Gu Shang went to say thank you, and swallowed the cake in two bites.

“Oh, Luoluo, you will have a stomachache if you eat it!” The friends were so anxious that they kept persuading Luoluo. But Luo Luo couldn’t help but picked up a big apple and said, “Okay, I will only eat two bites!”

As a result, Luo Luo couldn’t even walk. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his stomach: “Oh, oh, why does my stomach hurt so much?”

The friends were terrified, and hurried to find their mother. Mother Pig rubbed her belly and said angrily: “Oh, you want to break your belly! When can you get rid of the bad gluttony? ”

Luo Luo said embarrassingly to her mother: “I will definitely change in the future!”

Mother Pig happily praised: “This is a good baby!”

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