Fat Snake

The little snake ate more and became a fat snake. Ouch! My stomach is so full, let’s go for a walk.

Fatty Snake met his good friend Little Hedgehog as soon as he went out.

The little hedgehog asked the fat snake: “Who are you?”

The fat snake said: “I am a little snake!”

“You lie! The little snake has a thin body that can be bent into a circle. Look at you, so fat and fat.” Little Hedgehog didn’t believe it, “Or, you bend into a circle and show me.”

Fatty Snake wiggled his tail vigorously, but he was too fat to bend.

“I’m sorry, I ate too much, and it won’t turn into a circle.” Fatty Snake said apologetically.

The little hedgehog shook his head: “Then you are not my good friend!”

“But I’m really a little snake!” The fat snake was very wronged.


Can the little hedgehog recognize the fat snake in the future? Is there any way for the fat snake to make the little hedgehog recognize himself?

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