Fireflies hit the lantern

In the summer night sky, there is a kind of elves. They are waiting at every intersection in the country, always ready to light a lantern for those who rush to the night. They are fireflies.

One night, there is no moon, no stars. It’s dark.

A puppy was rushing home in the dark, but the sky was too dark, the puppy couldn’t see the way, and he began to cry with fright. At this time, a small firefly flew over, carrying a small lantern in its hand.

Firefly said: “Hi! Puppy, why are you crying?”

The puppy said with tears, “I can’t see the way home.”

The firefly said: “It’s okay, I’ll go ahead and give you a lantern.”

The puppy said: “My home is far away, your lantern is so small, it won’t be long before it goes out.”

Firefly said: “Don’t worry, there are firefly elves at the intersections of the mountains. We promise to escort you all the way until you get home.”

After speaking, the firefly led the way and told the puppy to follow it quickly.

Going to a mountain pass in front, a gust of wind blew the fireflies staggering. The firefly grasped the lantern in his hand tightly and illuminated the road under the puppy’s feet brightly. Finally reached the fork in the mountain pass, the fireflies were so tired that their hands were sore. The firefly gave a soft whistle, and suddenly a small firefly ran out from the intersection with a brand new lantern in its hand.

“Hi! My friend, I gave you the puppy.” As he said, the original firefly turned and got into the grass on the side of the road, took a breath and closed his eyes to rest.

The puppy followed the other firefly and continued to walk home.

When we came to a small intersection, a little firefly came out with a brand new lantern in his hand. The original firefly turned and got into the grass on the side of the road, and the puppy followed the firefly to continue home.

In this way, a firefly is tired, and another firefly comes. The puppy couldn’t remember how many fireflies helped him play the lantern along the way.

Before the mother closed the door to bed, the puppy finally returned home. The puppy told her mother that it was fortunate to have the help of fireflies along the way, otherwise, it would not be able to return home.

Mom said: “Fireflies are elves in the dark, specializing in helping people who drive in the dark.”

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