Five little pigs

Today is Mother Pig’s birthday. Red Piggy, Blue Piggy, Green Piggy, Yellow Piggy, and Purple Piggy are discussing to give mom a surprise.

The red pig said: “Let’s make a cake for mom.”

The other four little pigs immediately shouted: “Okay, okay! We make the best cakes in the world for our mother.”

The best cake in the world is ready! The red pig made a blue cake, the blue pig made a green cake, the green pig made a yellow cake, the yellow pig made a purple cake, and the purple pig made a red cake.

The cake is delicious! But why hasn’t my mother come back yet?

“Gumbling!” a little pig screamed.

“Guckling!” The stomachs of the other four little pigs also screamed.

“I only take one bite, and leave the rest for my mother to eat.” Red Piggy said, and then took a light bite on the blue cake. “I only took one bite.” The other piglets also took a bite on their respective cakes.

The fragrant cake is so delicious! After the piglet ate one bite, he couldn’t help taking another bite, bite after bite, the cake became smaller a little bit, and finally disappeared.

“Ding Dong!” The doorbell rang, and it was mother who came back! The five little pigs hurriedly jumped onto their own bed and got into the quilt without moving. They feel embarrassed!

Mother Pig saw the mess in the kitchen and smelled the sweet cake in the room, and immediately guessed what was going on.

She said loudly, “Ah, is there a big steamed bun hidden in the quilt? This is the best birthday gift I have ever received! I want to eat all of you in my stomach.”

Oops! It’s terrible! The five little pigs hurriedly jumped out of the quilt and rushed into their mother’s arms. “We are not big buns, we are your babies!”

At night, Mother Pig slept soundly, but the five little pigs couldn’t sleep at all. They got up quietly in the middle of the night and made cakes again.

The next morning, the cake is ready. The red cake, blue cake, green cake, yellow cake and purple cake are placed in a circle on the plate on the table. They are so beautiful!

The five little pigs made a cake and hid quietly.

Mother Pig opened her eyes and saw the five cakes on the table at a glance, and said in surprise: “What a beautiful and delicious cake!”

Take another look at the five small beds, hey, where are the five little pigs?

Mother Pig smiled and said, “I see, my five babies have become five big cakes.”

The five little pigs ran out immediately and said, “We didn’t change the cake, but we made it.”

“Baby’s cake is the best cake in the world!” Mother Pig said happily.

Game: Five filial pigs! In order to reward them, their mother took them to the amusement park in the city. On the way, they have to pass a forest guarded by monsters, draw them a safe route to their destination! (Jin Jianhua writes Zhu Dandan’s painting)

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