Flower and Bird Nest

Harry is a white dog with black spots. It seems to like the dark spots on his body. But grandma didn’t know what pattern Harry liked.

On Harry’s birthday, grandma gave him a sweater knitted with many rose patterns.

But Harry didn’t like the rose pattern at all. It thinks it looks weird in this rose sweater.

Sure enough, every time Harry wore this new sweater to the street, the dogs next to him would bark when they saw it. They were making fun of it! Harry wanted to throw away this sweater.

One day, Harry sat idle in the yard. At this time, it found that a piece of wool was exposed on the sweater. Harry unknowingly pulled the wool very long and long, and the long thread fell onto the grass behind Harry. At this moment, a bird flew down and picked up the thread from Harry’s body, and flew into the sky with a “hula”.

The sweater on Harry’s body quickly became shorter and smaller. First the front foot was exposed, then the neck was exposed, then the other foot was exposed, and then the entire back was exposed! Finally, Harry’s sweater gradually disappeared.

Harry laughed, sprinkled joyfully, and ran out of the yard. The sweater with a rose pattern finally disappeared from her body.

At this time, the bird and the wool are high in the air, looking like a long silk thread floating on the ass of a spider. It is very funny!

Harry ran home happily, when the children told him, “Grandma is writing! In a few days, she will be at our house!”

They wanted grandma to see how beautiful Harry looked in her sweater with a rose pattern! So the whole family was looking for Harry’s sweater.

However, they couldn’t find the sweater anymore.

Of course I can’t find it! Only Harry knew that the rose sweater was with the bird.

Grandma is here. In the afternoon, Harry asked his grandmother to take it with the children for a walk outside.

Harry was so happy that he yelled as he walked and led everyone to the park.

Upon entering the park, Harry stopped under a tree. It looked up, wagging its tail, and barking “barking”, letting everyone pass.

Everyone came under the tree and looked up. The boy said in surprise, “Look, there is a bird’s nest on it!”

“Oh my God! It’s still made of wool!” the girl said.

Then, the two said in unison: “Huh? Why is it exactly the same as the sweater that grandma gave Harry to Harry?”

Grandma screamed at this moment: “My God! That’s Harry’s sweater!”

The little bird poked his head out of the nest, as if saying, “Yes, this is the sweater Harry gave me!”

The bird chirped and Harry kept wagging his tail.

A few days later, grandma knitted another sweater with black dots and gave it to Harry.

Harry likes this sweater very much. It feels warm and close to the body. It feels exactly like a bird sleeping in a bird’s nest.

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