Flower carpet at the little fox’s house

For the little fox’s birthday, his mother gave him a new carpet. The little fox was very happy and invited his good friends pig, little hedgehog, little chicken, puppy, little lamb, little monkey, little duck, little squirrel and little bear to visit.

However, the little animals looked at the carpet and felt that it was not pretty at all, because there was no pattern on the carpet! How can we make the carpet more beautiful?

Little Bear suddenly had an idea: “Can we just step on some footprints on the carpet?”

As a result, the little animals began to step on their feet.

The footprints of a chick look like tree branches, the footprints of a puppy are like flowers, the footprints of a lamb are like sharks’ mouths, a bear’s footprints are like bubbles, a duckling’s footprints are like eggshells, and a monkey’s footprints are like small ones. There are three bubbles on the duck’s feet, it is very beautiful!

The little hedgehog rolled on the ground, leaving the sky full of stars. The little squirrel dyed its tail in various colors. A beautiful rainbow appeared immediately after the big tail swept away! The little pig also wanted to print a beautiful pattern. But what should I print? Ah, yes! The little pig took off his coat and printed a circle on the carpet with his big and round belly, and walked around the circle, a beautiful The sun is out! The little animals are singing and dancing on the new carpet, so happy!

The little fox is the happiest because his new carpet has become a beautiful flower carpet!

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