Flower Fairy in the Castle

Once upon a time, a beautiful flower fairy lived in a beautiful castle, but her heart was very ugly. She often uses magic to make the flowers fall, the leaves fall, and even the innocent and cute children can’t find their way home.

One day, Flower Fairy woke up to find a shepherd kid looking at her curiously.

Flower Fairy asked: “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

The child said: “My sister is very beautiful, and it’s not scary at all.”

Flower Fairy feels guilty. At this time, the child said: “Sister, I’m lost, can you send me home?” Hua Fairy blushed, and whispered: “Um…I can only do bad things, not good things.”

The child cried loudly because he couldn’t find his way home.

Fairy Hua had no choice but to say: “Don’t cry, don’t cry! Come with me, and I will take you home.” The child obediently passed. At this time, Hua Fairy suddenly said loudly: “Go into the underground sea, send the child home!” As soon as the voice fell, the child returned home.

Flower Fairy thought: I must help you a lot in the future to make the world a better place!

Since then, Fairy Flower has never done anything bad, and her heart has become beautiful.

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