Flowers in the field

On the vast field, there are two flowers blooming side by side: a white flower and a red flower.

“You are red, so beautiful!” Bai Hua said.

“Where, you are still beautiful and in vain.” Honghua said.

“I have very sweet white honey, can I give it to you?”

“I also have very sweet red honey, I want to give it to you.”

A little bee flew over: “I’ll carry nectar for you.” Then, the little bee moved the nectar from the white flowers to the safflower, and then moved the nectar from the safflower to the white flowers.

“Heh! It’s so sweet!”

“Thank you so much, cute little bee.”

“No thanks,” the little bee said, “I have also drank your sweet nectar. Alas, the sky seems to change, I should go home.” After that, the little bee hurriedly flew away.

After a while, Tianguo really darkened, and a strong wind blew.

“It’s terrible!” said Hong Hua.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s okay.” Bai Hua said.

The wind blows harder, the red and white flowers are blown and shaken, and finally, both of them are blown to the ground by the strong wind…

A year later, white flowers and safflowers bloomed again in the field, among them, there were many pink flowers.

One day, a girl in red and a boy in white came to the wilderness holding hands.

“Oh, what a beautiful flower!” said the girl in red. “Let’s pick the flowers back and plant them in the yard.”

“Okay! Okay!” said the boy, “but look, the flowers have already seeded, let’s take the flower seeds back.”

So, the boy and the girl each took a pink seed and sprinkled it in their yard.

After another year, the flowers planted by the girl and the boy bloomed in two different colors.

The seeds planted by the girl in red blossomed into red flowers.

The seeds planted by the boy in white gave white flowers.

“Ah! The white flowers you planted are so beautiful.” said the girl.

“Well, your saffron is still good-looking.” The boy said.

“This red flower is for you.”

“This white flower is for you.”

“It’s so beautiful!”

“Thank you!”

Hearing the dialogue between the boy and the girl, Bai Hua and Hong Hua both laughed. They remembered where they had heard such words. That is the most beautiful language in the world!

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