Forest fire

Early in the morning, Xiaohuazhu stretched out from the house. The sky was red, and the little Huazhu shouted excitedly: “Wow! What a fire!”

“What? The fire burned the clouds? The fire burned the clouds?” The little mole in the ground heard these words and was so scared to pack up and run away.

On the way, the little mole told the little hedgehog who was picking the fruit again: “No, the forest is on fire, and the clouds are all burned. Run!”

The little hedgehog told the little rabbit who was pulling the radish, and the little rabbit went and told the little raccoon who was taking a bath. The little raccoon immediately called Uncle Elephant from the fire brigade. Uncle Elephant received the call and immediately assembled the firefighters to prepare for the fire.

But where is the fire?

Uncle Xiang asked everyone. The little raccoon said he didn’t see it, but the little rabbit said it. The little rabbit said he heard what the little hedgehog said. The little hedgehog said he heard what the little mole said.

The little mole said: “I heard what Little Pig said in the morning.”

Everyone hurriedly found Xiaohuazhu and asked where it caught fire. Little Flower Pig scratched his head: “It’s on fire? I never said it was on fire!”

The little Mole hurriedly said: “But, I heard you say’Fire Burning Cloud’ clearly in the morning!”

“What?” everyone yelled together, “So it’s Huo Shaoyun!”

The little hedgehog said, “Little Mole, you are really messing up, so that I haven’t picked the fruit today.”

The little rabbit said, “Hmph, my radish is still buried in the ground.”

Everyone started to complain about Little Mole, and Little Mole felt aggrieved: “What does’Huoshaoyun’ mean?”

Uncle Elephant said to everyone: “Well, little mole lives underground. No wonder you haven’t seen a fire cloud.” Then, Uncle Elephant said to Little Mole: “‘Fire cloud’ is a cloud dyed red by sunlight, isn’t it? Fire. Here, look!”

The little Mole looked in the direction of Uncle Elephant. It was already evening, and a fiery red cloud appeared on the horizon. Everyone sat on the grass and watched the red sunset. It was the first time Little Mole saw this kind of beauty!

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