Four Dolls of Mother Four Seasons

Four seasons mother has four dolls, their names are: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Mother Four Seasons said: “You can’t go out together, you have to go out one by one.”

Spring doll is the first to go out to play. As soon as he left the house, he called out Sister Chunfeng and Sister Chunyu. While they were playing, they shouted: “Spring is here, spring is here.” When the children saw the spring doll, they took off their cotton clothes and ran out. The green leaves also came out of the branches. Everyone has fun with Spring Dolls.

Xia Wawa rushed out to play, and as soon as he came out, Spring Wawa hid. Xia Doll leads the hot father-in-law Sun to look for Spring Dolls everywhere. In the pond, the small fish in the pond were so hot that they got under the water; in the forest, the leaves were so hot that they rolled up. The children were very uncomfortable one by one. They said, “Spring Doll has already gone home.” Xia Doll said: “Who else knows that Spring Doll went home?” Zhizhi shouted: “Yes, we know. We know him.” Go home.”

Four seasons mother saw that everyone was uncomfortably hot, so she called Summer Doll to go home and let Autumn Doll come out to play. Autumn doll brings a cool autumn breeze. The children said: “It’s so cool, so cool.” In autumn, the doll came to the orchard, and the apple showed a red smile, and the pear showed a yellow smile. In autumn, the doll came to the crop field, and crop smiled and bent over. The leaves on the tree flew down like a bird and danced with the autumn doll.

The winter doll waited so long, it was time for him to come out and play. Winter doll is good friends with Grandpa Beifeng and Grandpa Xue. As soon as he came out, Grandpa Beifeng and Grandpa Xue rushed over. When Grandpa Beifeng played and played, he was tired and panted “huhu, huhu”. Grandpa Xue was tired of playing, and let Xiao Xuehua come down to accompany the winter doll. Playing, it’s time for the New Year to play. In winter, the doll and the children make snowmen, set off firecrackers, eat dumplings, and spend the New Year lively. After the Chinese New Year, the doll will not go home in winter. Spring Wawa couldn’t wait, and was anxious to come out to play. Four seasons mother’s four children: spring, summer, autumn, winter, just like this one by one outside to play.

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