Fox without tail

Once upon a time there was a fox who accidentally fell into a hunter’s trap. It worked so hard and finally escaped. Although his life was recovered, his tail was broken.

“The fox doesn’t have a tail? It’s a shame.” He was sad and didn’t want to be laughed at. Soon, it thought of a good way to hide its shame.

It ran for a few days, summoned the entire fox family, and called an emergency meeting. At the meeting, it first spoke and said impassionedly:

“Elders, brothers and sisters:

Do you guys know? We foxes always walk around with a tail. This tail is big and stupid, ugly and useless, and maybe it will cause us trouble. For the good of everyone, I suggest that you don’t have a tail. You see, I don’t have a tail, how convenient it is! How cool! How dexterous! …”

In order to perform its chic and dexterity, it turned 360 degrees on the stage, but it almost slipped and caused a roar of laughter.

“Little brother, there is no need to say more.” An old fox came up to the stage and said to it: “You stand aside and look at me.” After speaking, the old fox stood in the middle of the stage and took a long and big one. The tail wiggled a few times, and then made a few 360-degree turns, both chic and beautiful. There was warm applause from the audience. There was also an excited call from the audience:

“One more, one more…”

The poor fox, who lost his tail, slipped away at some point.

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