Fox Xiaonian and grandpa’s life and death leaves

There is a tree of life and death in Fox Town, and no one knows how long it has been standing there. It may be as old as the moon, or it may be older than the sun. In short, this is a very old tree. The waist is very curved, and the branches are very thick. The residents of Fox Town have lived with it for generations.

“When every fox leaves this world, it will become a leaf on the tree of life and death. The leaves of the tree of life and death are bigger than banana leaves, and the surface of the leaves is smoother than buttered bread. This is a very large piece of bread. There are many words on the leaves. They are arranged next to each other along the veins of the leaves to form a story. This story tells the most important thing in the life of this fox…”

This story is little fox I have listened to it 365 times in Nian, and she can almost memorize what Grandpa will say next. However, every time she heard this, she was still anxious to listen, never getting bored.

“And then? What stories are written on the leaves?” Fox Xiaonian squatted in front of his grandfather’s bed, shaking his tail quickly, his small ears flicked, and his eyes were full of expectation.

“Remember the old watchmaker who used to live next door to our house? After the Jackal War, he retired from the army and became a watchmaker. He refused to come out in that ticking room every day. But it is also really amazing. The hour hand, which was too old to walk, stayed with him for one night and immediately ran fast. There is also the wooden bird that tells the time in the clock. When he was sent in, his voice was dumb and speechless. When he came out, he sang better than pop singers. So when the old watchmaker died, his leaf was almost a watch repair manual. Not only did it have text, but also a diagram of the parts of the watch made up of leaf veins.

” And the owner of the wonton restaurant that you liked the most when you were a kid. Her wontons are made really well, with thin skins and big fillings. The white and tender wonton skins are wrapped in golden fried chicken crisps and rolled in hot soup. After she took a bite, her tongue almost melted. After she passed away, the leaves were covered with her secret recipe for wontons. When she got closer, she could still smell the scent of wontons!”

“Oh, the most interesting thing is your grandma’s leaves!” Grandpa lay on the bed and coughed slightly. “Her leaves are simply a book on fishing methods. I can catch my favorite with red hawthorn. Barracuda, bulging and chubby; I can catch my favorite jumping fish with purple grapes. It is slender, flat and nutritious… In short, the records are all kinds of fishing experience. Alas, I really want to eat her again. Made fish!”

Every time I said this, Grandpa fell into deep thought, and the story came to an end.

Fox Xiaonian was content to hear that, he arched gently, and fell asleep beside his grandfather.

But when Hu Xiaonian wanted to hear the 366th time, his father touched Hu Xiaonian’s head and gently told her: Grandpa has passed away.

What happened to death? It’s just that he walked so far, so far, that he would never see him again.

“If Grandpa doesn’t come back, then I won’t be able to eat the chicken soup and rice noodles that Grandpa cooked.” Fox Xiaonian muttered silently, “I will never see the morning glory planted by Grandpa.”

“Also… I will never hear the story of the life and death of leaves from my grandfather anymore.”

Thinking of this, Hu Xiaonian suddenly felt very sad.

The sad Fox Xiaonian stayed silently in his room for seven days. It wasn’t until the chicken ravioli sent by her mother had been secretly removed by the little mouse, until the corners of the room had accumulated too many tears and mushrooms grew out of it, and it was not until Xiaonian Fox that she almost forgot the stories told by her grandfather, she suddenly went back to it. God came: Grandpa passed away, what else was written on his leaves?

As soon as this idea appeared, it would never escape. Fox Xiaonian got up from the bed without time to change his pajamas, so he ran to look for the tree of life and death at the end of Fox Town.

The tree of life and death is exactly the same as Grandpa. It has big and slippery leaves, a very curved waist, and many stories.

Fox Xiaonian came under the tree and recognized Grandpa’s leaves at a glance. It was a tender green, brand-new leaf with clear lines and veins forming a gentle smiling face, just like when Grandpa squinted and smiled. Fox Xiaonian stood on tiptoe, gently plucked the leaves, and held them high in the sun.

But after watching for a long time, Hu Xiaonian sighed in disappointment. It turned out that Hu Xiaonian was not yet at school age, let alone literacy. Looking at the twists and turns on the leaves, Fox Xiaonian sighed long and deeply again.

It doesn’t matter if Fox Xiaonian sighed, but the sigh she sighed was like a hurricane to the words on the leaf. The leaves were oily and slippery, and the words were already unsteady. With this breath, the words were completely messed up, sliding down from the leaves, and drifting into the air with the breeze.

Did the text fall off the leaf? This is new. But Hu Xiaonian was not surprised. If the text flew away, he would never know the story of his grandfather again. She hurriedly jumped up and chased the escaped text.

The characters flew up and down in the breeze and flew towards the river. Hu Xiaonian ran in a hurry, but accidentally stumbled on the stone under his feet. Together with the few lines of text that were hit by Fox Xiaonian, the slowest drifting. When they were hit like this, they fell into the creek one after another, smashing into waves.

The waves slept for a long time. When they opened their eyes, they saw a string of words, thinking they were new lyrics, so they happily beat the pebbles and sang the words ding-ding-dong.

“The red hawthorn can catch his favorite barracuda, which is round and chubby; with purple grapes, he can catch his favorite jumping fish, which is slender, flat and nutritious…My favorite old man is one The red fox who loves to eat fish!”

Fox Xiaonian was stunned when he heard this-isn’t this what grandpa said, grandma’s fishing experience?

She listened intently for a long time, and went back to the time when her grandfather told herself a story in a daze. It wasn’t until Langhua finished singing that Fox Xiaonian suddenly remembered that there were still a lot of stories waiting to be captured by him! She looked from a distance, and the large force of writing was about to fly into the snack street in Fox Town. Fox Xiaonian couldn’t take care of that much now, so he hurried to catch up, grabbed a pot lid at the wonton stall, and shut the nearest text in the pot.

The proprietress had just collected the bill and recovered. She scooped up a bowl of wontons from the pot, swallowed it while it was hot, and slapped her lips and muttered: “I don’t know why, I remembered my mother’s affairs. She made wontons, skin. The thin stuffing is big, and the white and tender wonton wrapper is wrapped in golden golden chicken crisp. When it rolls in the hot soup, the tongue is almost melted after a bite.”

Huh? Isn’t this the story of the wife of the wonton shop that my grandfather told? Even the tone is exactly the same as Grandpa!

But she didn’t have time to deal with the story of wonton now, because she saw a lot of text flooding into the watch shop next door to her house. This is terrible, if those words entangle the hands, wouldn’t the watchmaker repair it for nothing? Thinking of this, she hurried into the clock shop.

In the clock shop, the little wooden birds are vying to catch the flying words. The little bird who ate the words was content and sang. But what they sang is not the ballad of telling the time, but the story of the old watchmaker.

Fox Xiaonian stood in the clock shop, listening to the hands tick-tick, listening to the little bird slowly singing the story that his grandfather had told, and suddenly he didn’t worry about grabbing the text. She moved a small bench, nestled next to the grandfather clock, closed her eyes and listened quietly, as if grandpa was still there.

Grandpa passed away. Hu Xiaonian thought silently in his heart that although grandpa is no longer there, it seems that grandpa’s story has never left him.

Those stories of grandpa are really good stories to make you happy for a lifetime!

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