Fragrant wheels

A little squirrel was walking on the grass, and it was walking around, and it was caught in a big somersault. The little squirrel looked down: Wow! There are four round and scented chocolate beans on the grass.

He picked up one and put it to his mouth and just wanted to eat it. Suddenly, what did he think of? Stopped.

It turns out that the little squirrel made a car, but it doesn’t have wheels. Can these four chocolate beans be used as wheels?

The little squirrel installed the wheels and drove the car across the field.

There are two fluffy chicks swaying in front. It turned out that the sun was so hot that it almost stunned the chicken. The little squirrel hurriedly unloaded two wheels, tied belts on both sides, and made two sun hats for the little chicken. The little chicken said gratefully: “Thank you little squirrel.” Now there are only two wheels left. It doesn’t matter, the little squirrel changed the car into a two-wheeled motorcycle.

The little squirrel drove the motorcycle forward and saw an old grandpa looking worried. It turned out that he had lost one of his buttons. The little squirrel gave the old man a chocolate wheel as a button. The old man said with a smile, “Thank you, little squirrel.”

Only one chocolate bean is left. It doesn’t matter, the little squirrel changed the motorcycle to a wheelbarrow and pushed on the grass to continue walking.

As he walked, the little squirrel felt hungry, and it ate the last chocolate wheel. It was delicious. Without the wheels, the little squirrel had to fight against the carriage by himself, so tired.

The little squirrel was walking, and suddenly saw a very beautiful car ahead. The carriage says: “For the cute little squirrel!” The little squirrel is very happy!

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