Game of Spider Kingdom

In the early morning, the first rays of sunlight hit the farm.

Morning glory climbed up the fence, blew the trumpet vigorously, his face flushed. Tell everyone a message “It’s going to be a competition!” The spider kingdom of the farm will hold a web weaving competition.

The queen said: “Better than who weaves a beautiful net, beautiful to attract insects.” The

general said: “Better than who weaves a net faster. Soon you will not miss a good opportunity to catch bugs.” The

prime minister said: “Better than who weaves a net bigger There are more bugs in the talent network.” The ministers started talking, and it seemed that everyone had a point.

The king said slowly with a big belly: “Everyone makes sense. I think the net that the insects catch is the best net.” After all, the king is the king. When he said this, everyone was quiet. Afterwards, there was applause in all directions.

The game officially started.

The first contestant was the Fat Spider, whose fat belly was covered with circles of yellow and green stripes. Fatty climbed up the wall staggeringly and jumped onto the round straw hat on the wall. “Dear King, I will weave a web with letters and keep a lot of small bugs.” The fat spider found a few spots on the brim of the hat and glued the silk thread. “Hey, hey…” After a while, a round net will be ready, and there will be a string of beautiful letters “GOOD” on it.

“Wow, it’s nice, round and beautiful.” The queen called out first.

The second one to participate in the competition is the skinny spider. The skinny legs are thin and long, and they can get up quickly. Skinny climbed onto the gate of the yard, “I can weave the largest and strongest net, and I can catch even birds, and I am so fast that the horses can’t keep up.” She was quickly on the door frame and door lintel. The upper parts were stained with mucus, and the long silk threads were pulled out, and the threads were wound up one after another. In the blink of an eye, a large net was hung on the door.

“Wow, it’s fast and big as expected.” The general clapped his hands first.

The third one to participate in the competition is the Laughing Spider. Laughing Spider has a bright smiling face in his belly. “Dear King, I can catch the most bugs for you.” Xiaoxiao walked around the farm first. There are so many mosquitoes in the pigpen, and the pigs keep flicking their tails to chase them away. Xiaoxiao decided to weave an internet cafe in the pigpen. The laughing spider climbed up the wall.

“What? Weaving a net in a pigsty? That must look ugly.” The queen shook her head.

“It will be very laborious to knit?” the prime minister said.

The laughing spider pulled up a thin thread and slowly climbed up the wall, with one end attached to the roof and the other end attached to the wall. Pull another one and stick one end to the roof and one end to the other wall. This is the most critical part. Find three points, and then go round and round. He went around very carefully, densely, and looked very strong. A small triangular net was woven after a good intention.

The sun rises, and all the participating spiders have woven their webs. The king announced to check how many bugs there are on the Internet. At this time, the farmer and his wife finished their breakfast. “Dear old lady, I should go to work in the fields.” The farmer said goodbye to his wife.

“Goodbye, old man, beware that the sun is too hot,” the wife gave the farmer a drafting hat, and the farmer buckled her head and went out. The round net on the straw hat broke. Farmers go to work in the fields every day and work outside, always wearing straw hats. When he walked out of the gate, the straw hat tore a big hole in the net on the hanging door.

Let’s take a look at the smiling spider’s web again.

The pig uses its tail to drive away mosquitoes and flies while eating. All the mosquitoes rushed to the Internet. Many mosquitoes and flies were quickly attached to the fine and dense net. Xiaoxiao quickly tied up the little bugs with silk thread, these are the best packing tapes.

“One, two, three, four…” A total of 6 mosquitoes and 2 big blow flies were stuck on this little net. Smile and offer the prey to the king.

The king announced that had won three awards: the “Most Perfect Design Award”, the “Best Practical Award”, and the “Most Most Scientific Award”. And all spiders are required to learn the practices of flower spiders. Observe first, where is the most suitable, where to weave the net. ,

From now on, in the farm, you can see all kinds of spider webs everywhere. Look, in the cowshed, in the stables, in the chicken coop… the corners and corners are all round, long, square, triangular… The spiders of the spider kingdom can’t eat more food throughout the summer, they are beautifully prepared Live.

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