Gerry Xiong: Everything is red

Gerry Bear was rescued by Officer Monkey, but his hair became red and gray. The residents of Forest Village laughed at the comical appearance of Gerry Bear.

Grixiong took the water pipe in Officer Monkey’s hand, turned on the faucet and flushed it on himself. It’s just that Gerry Bear was rushed and trembling all over, and the paint was still bright red.

“Gerry Bear, your red house is so beautiful, or else you painted yourself red too. The fiery red bear must be more beautiful!” a loud-mouthed crow cried out.

“Yes, Gerry Bear, you can dye yourself red. Be a different bear, then you will have personality.” The barber Grandpa Yang in the village seemed to have made a big business, shaking. The voice said: “Gerry Bear, let me dye it for you, and make sure you are satisfied.”

It’s great to be a red bear! Grixiong decided to let Grandpa Goat dye him red.

When he came out of Grandpa Yang’s barbershop, his appearance had changed. The animals who saw him yelled like this: “The red Gerry Bear is so beautiful! The red Gerry Bear is so spirited!”

Gerry Bear smiled with his head held up amid the compliments of the people-aha, it feels so good to be a different bear! Of course, my red house is also the most special house in Forest Village!

Gerry Xiong suddenly had a new idea: He wanted to paint everything in the house red.

So Gerry Bear went home and used the remaining paint to paint the tables and chairs red, the cups and toothbrushes red, the hangers red, and even the bowls and chopsticks red—this It’s finished, the house looks very red. But at this time, Gerry Xiong found that his clothes and quilt were particularly conspicuous. They were still in their original colors, gray and gray, and very uncoordinated in a patch of red.

Can’t paint clothes and quilts with paint? Gerry Xiong felt a little regretful. But soon, he had an idea.

Gerry Xiong trot all the way to Forest Town. It was the busiest time in the town right now, and everyone looked at the red Gerry Bear curiously. They didn’t know that this bear was Gerry Bear who often ran in the town. Although he was still wearing a beige T-shirt, his fur had changed from grayish brown to fiery red.

Gerry Bear smiled and crossed the road to a department store. He used 10 forest coins to buy a red quilt, 5 forest coins to buy a red casual wear, and 2 forest coins to buy some red towels, mops and other daily necessities.

Gerry Xiong put the quilt at home in the cabinet that had been painted with red paint, then spread the newly bought quilt on the bed, and then changed the beige T-shirt on him.

Except for red, there is no other color in Gerry Bear’s house now. Of course, Gerry Bear’s eyes are still black, and Gerry Bear’s teeth are still white.

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