Go left, go left

The snoring pig felt that life was very boring. He thought: I have to find a new world. So he left without even the door locked.

The snoring pig walked for a whole day and reached the end of the road. Where should I go next? There happened to be an old cow grazing on the side of the road, and the snoring pig walked over and asked him.

“Go to Xintiandi?” The old cow said slowly, “Then you can go to the left, I have never walked there. However, to me, this field is a new world. Today, I ate all the green grass in the middle of the field and ate out a round shape like the sun. Tomorrow, I will put the green grass around the’sun’

The grass is eaten, so there are many “clouds”. I live happily every day, because Xintiandi is by my side every day. ”

“But, I don’t eat grass.” Huluzhu said, bidding farewell to the old cow, and walked to the left.

When the road was over, the Snoring Pig saw a bat hanging upside down on the tree to sleep. He woke the bat up and asked, “Hey, do you know how to find a new world and live a new life?”

“Of course it’s going to the left.” Bat said, “But you don’t have to look for it, because you live a new life every day. Like me, when I fly in the sky, the vast ground is under my feet; hanging upside down When I was on the branch, the blue sky was under my feet again. I like this kind of life!”

“But, I won’t hang upside down on a tree.” The snoring pig said “goodbye” to the bat and walked to the left.

After walking like this for several days, the road came to an end again. The Snoring Pig met an owl, and he asked, “Hey, do you know where to find Xintiandi?”

“Haha!” Owl couldn’t help laughing. “Isn’t Xintiandi right by your side? Well, I work the night shift every night. The night is dark and dark. The voles start to crawl out, and I will fly. In the past, caught them straight. Later, the sky gradually brightened, and a red ball of fire rose to the sky. This and

How different the night is! Every day is a new world for me! ”

“But, I want to sleep at night,” said the snoring pig, and involuntarily walked to the left.

He walked around, feeling that the surrounding scenery became more and more familiar, but he couldn’t remember where it was.

The Snoring Pig walked to a little familiar hut, and a dog walked out of the house. He greeted the Snoring Pig warmly.

The dog told the snoring pig: “I used to be a stray. I came here one day and found a new world… I heard that a snoring pig lived here before.”

“Oh my God, this is my home!” Huluzhu exclaimed.

From then on, the snoring pig lived with the dog, and he felt extremely happy. Yes, he has found his new world!

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