Go to the repair shop, Mr. Warranty

Shishimao is very happy. He just bought the best Mother’s Day gift-a wall clock that can growl like a cuckoo!

“Mom will like it,” he said.

“Cuckoo!” cried the wall clock. It’s exactly one o’clock.

He put the wall clock in the bicycle basket and hurried home as soon as possible.

“Don’t be so fast!” said the dwarf bug sitting in the back seat, “slow down!”

But the cat did not slow down. He turned the corner of the street and bumped his head into the postal pig, and the letter in the postal pig’s pouch was scattered all over the floor.

“Cuckoo—Cuckoo!” Zhong called.

Officer Murphy rushed over immediately.

“Oh, no! The wall clock broke!” said the cat.

“It was only the wall clock that crashed. Lucky for you,” the police officer said. “You rode too fast. You didn’t ring the bell.”

The cat said: “I’m sorry, my car bell is broken.”

Officer Murphy asked the cat to fix the bell of the car.

The cat and the dwarf bug came to Mr. Warranty’s repair shop.

“Can you fix my bicycle bell and this cooing wall clock?” Asked the cat.

“Of course I can.” Mr. Warranty said, “Come back in an hour, and your car bell and wall clock will be as good as new.”

The cat and the dwarf worm left the repair shop.

Mr. Good Warranty, get started.

He took apart the car bell.

He took apart the wall clock.

“Let me think about it…” he said.

When the cat and the dwarf bug came back, Mr. Warranty had reinstalled every part.

“Oh, thank you, sir, good warranty!” said Bitter Cat.

“I’m glad to be able to help.” Mr. Good Warranty said.

The cat can’t wait to give a gift to her mother. When he reached the door of his house, he rang the bell of his bicycle.

“Cuckoo—Cuckoo!” The car bell cried.

Shishimao was very surprised. Then he handed the wall clock to his mother.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” he said.

“Ding Lingling—Ding Lingling!” The wall clock rang.

The cat was very surprised, and his mother was also very surprised.

“What an amazing wall clock!” she said, “I have never seen a cooing wall clock that rings like a bicycle bell! I love it so much!”

Shishicat loves his new bicycle bell too. There are no more car bells like it in busy town! He hurried to ride his bike to thank Mr. Good Warrant for his “brilliance”.

When he turned the corner, he rang his car bell: “Cuckoo—Cuckoo!”

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