Go to the snails in Cherikala

Under a big tree by the river, there lived a family of snails. They have lived here for generations.

Every day, they work slowly, eat slowly, and walk slowly. All in all, they do everything calmly and slowly.

Children like to gather around Grandpa to listen to his stories.

Bido is one of these children. He is a little snail who is active, asks, and likes to think about things.

Grandpa is telling the story of his grandpa today.

“My grandfather heard that Cherichola was fun, so he decided to go. However, he never came back after he left.”

Bido asked: “Is he in Cherikala city?”

Grandpa shook his head.

Bido asked: “Where did he go?”

“Many years later, Sparrow saw him. My grandfather walked to the middle of the bridge and couldn’t walk anymore. Later…” Grandpa couldn’t say any more, he covered his face and cried, “Pity my grandpa died like this. Up.”

To go to the other side of the river, you need to cross a wooden bridge. The wooden bridge is a long way from here.

The little snails listened to grandpa’s choking, not knowing how to comfort him.

After a while, Bido said in a low voice: “Grandpa, I have one more question to ask, why does your grandpa go to Cherichola City?”

Grandpa wiped his tears and said, “Cherry Kala is fun. There is a cinema, showing the best movies; there are books that will never be finished; there are still as high as the sky. At night, colorful lights are lit on the building.”

Bido said: “I also want to go to Cherikala City.”

Grandpa said sharply: “No!”

Bido asked: “Why?”

Grandpa said: “I don’t want you to die! You will die halfway.”

Bido said: “No.”

“Cheli Kala city is too far away, our snail will never be able to go.” Grandpa said firmly.

Bido said: “There should be a way.”

Grandpa said: “Bido, promise me not to go to Cherikala City.”

Bido did not speak.

Later, Bido stayed at home and looked at the map.

Later, Bido beats the nails at home, not knowing what he is going to do.

Other little snails came and called him out to play. He smiled and said, “No, I have something to do.”

On a sunny morning, Bido came out of the house with a small wooden boat.

This sensationalized the entire snail family.

Under everyone’s surprised eyes, Bido put the boat into the river, and then got on the boat again. It was a tailwind that day, and I consulted Mr. Pig the day before.

Mr. Pig is the most famous meteorologist in this area.

Bido actually has oars, but they don’t need it at all. The wind quickly pushed the ship over to the shore. However, with the eyesight of the snails, it was already a distance they couldn’t see.

The snails talked a lot. A big snail said: “Even if Biduo can cross the river, he won’t be able to reach the city of Cherichola. The city of Cherichola is far away!”

A little snail asked: “How far is it?”

The big snail said: “As high as the sky is, the city is as far away as Cheri Kala!”

Bido’s mother cried, and she thought she would never see this son again in her life.

Grandpa patted his forehead and scolded himself, saying, “I am all to blame for my old stupidity. I shouldn’t have told Bido about Cherikala that day.”

Bidu went there, and there was no news for a long time.

His affairs are often talked about by elder snails, and children are warned not to be whimsical, and they must never go to the distant Cherichala city.

Finally one day, the sparrow sent a letter.

The letter is more than written. He said in the letter that he crossed the river by boat on the same day and asked someone to ask. He soon found the airport of Pigeon Aviation Co., Ltd. by the river. The airport is forty minutes away from the river. On the 18th of the pigeon, he arrived at Cherikala City at 3:30 in the afternoon.

This letter was written by Bido on the top floor of the largest hotel in Cherikala City-the 208th floor. He said that he had played all parts of Cherikala City. He emphasized that when playing in the city, he doesn’t have to walk or run by himself, but instead ride in an extremely fast car with four wheels.

Snails can’t imagine what a car is like, and the most knowledgeable snail here has never been seen.

Bido also wrote: “Our snail speed is indeed too slow, but this is not terrible. The most frightening thing is that we are content with the slow situation and will not look for a solution to it.”

When the mother heard this, she cried excitedly because her son was still alive and had seen so many times.

Grandpa looked up to the sky and smiled and said happily: “Amazing, my grandson Bido is really amazing! Ten of me, I am not as smart as him.”

A few days later, several young snails quietly left, and they began to discuss on the road, hoping to find a faster way to the charming Cherichala city.

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