Good-tempered good sir

There is a good gentleman living in Pippi. His name is Mr. Haohao, but his temper is extremely bad. The power of his temper not only scares cats and dogs to death, but even the house trembles.

That day, the grumpy Mr. Haohao walked out of the house. On the lively street, one after another cars honked their horns like a race, “didi——didi——”, each beeping.

“It’s so noisy, it’s so noisy–” Well, the bad temper came up first. The bad temper was so bad and bad. The big and small cars that were still stunned just now were all trembling with fear, up and down. The bumps, the bumps made black smoke from the buttocks, and the bumps were too big to dare to come out. Haha! Now, the street is no longer noisy.

“Remember, it is strictly forbidden to honked vehicles in the city!” Mr. Haohao warned loudly with a temper tantrum.

Mr. Haohao’s bad temper is too terrible. Now, every car has firmly remembered Mr. Haohao’s words.

Mr. Haohao could finally walk down the street quietly, and when the green light was on, Mr. Haohao crossed the road unhurriedly.

Pippi is a big city, and there are so many people on the street. Mr. Okay walked, the bad temper came up again——

“How can I throw the peel on the ground and let people slip?”

“How can I spit anywhere, what should I do if the germs spread?”

“How can I scribble everywhere, what should I do if the walls are blurred?”

Mr. Haohao loses his temper one after another, who can’t be afraid! Immediately, the peel went into the trash can, the sputum on the ground was wiped clean, the walls were cleaned…

“Remember, you are not allowed to litter or spit anywhere in the future. The cleaning of Pippi City depends on everyone!” Mr. Haohao was still very angry, and the people in Pippi City were so frightened that they promised not to litter.

Mr. Haohao has been wandering the street for most of the day. When I went back, he encountered some stray cats, dogs and dogs. Mr. Haohao’s bad temper came again: “The stray animals on the street are so pitiful, why not give them a place to go? “On the phone, Mr. Haohao angered the mayor.

The mayor of Mr. Haohao’s bad temper had been learned, and the mayor didn’t care that Mr. Hao got angry with him, and immediately sent someone to take in those poor cats and dogs.

The bad-tempered Mr. Hao Hao just likes to lose his temper so much. Everyone knows that he will hurt his body when he loses his temper. But for Mr. Hao Hao, it makes him more energetic and more angry.

Every day, every day, in the streets or alleys of Pippi City, or at a certain point, you can hear the bad-tempered good-natured gentleman losing his temper——

“Why bully? How shameful it is to bully!”

“Why trample on flowers and plants? Flowers and plants are also alive!”


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