Grandma lives in Perfume Village

Grandma lives alone in the Perfume Village far away, and Ali hasn’t seen her for a long time.

This morning, my mother suddenly said to take Ali to grandma’s house.

Ali immediately took out his small backpack and said happily:

“Great! You can take the train. I’m going to show the excavator to grandma.”

Arrived at grandma’s house, Ali jumped up and rang the doorbell.

It was an old woman who opened the door.

Mom said, “This is Granny Zhou next door, it’s Granny Zhou!” Ali stared at her blankly.

Grandma Zhou said: “Come in! Your grandma is unwell and is resting in bed.”

Ali clasped his mother’s skirt tightly and entered grandma’s room.

The grandmother on the bed looks much older than in the picture!

Ali kept hiding behind her mother, and her mother said:

“Aren’t you going to show the excavator to grandma?”

Ali clasped the excavator tighter!

Grandma Zhou said: “You are here just right. I will go home and come back later.”

Grandma Zhou is gone, and her mother said to Ali: “I’m going to make dim sum, you are here with grandma.”

Ali stood at the door of the room, holding the excavator, looking at grandma from a distance.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Grandma coughed and said, “Water…water…”

Ali immediately ran to his mother and said, “Grandma wants to drink water!”

Mother came in and poured a glass of boiling water to grandma, and helped her pull the quilt.

After a while, grandma turned over. Ali thought she would fall off, and ran to her mother nervously:

“Grandma is shaking!”

Mom came in and touched grandma’s forehead and said, “Grandma is going to take medicine! You come to feed her, okay?”

Ali obediently waited for her grandma to open her mouth and stuffed the pills one by one into her mouth.

Mom went out to help grandma wash the clothes. Ali was sitting on the stool, still afraid to get too close to grandma.

A black cat walked in quietly, jumped onto grandma’s bed, and grandma waved to Ali:

“Come on! Come and touch the black girl, she is very good and won’t bite you.”

Ali walked over slowly, touched the black girl, “ㄇㄧㄠ~~ㄨ” the black girl yelled.

Ali touched it again, and grandma gently touched Xiao Dingzi’s head.

On the table by the bedside of grandma, there was a magnified photo. Grandma asked Ali:

“Do you know who it is?”

“Uncle and little sister.” Ali replied.

Grandma shook her head and smiled:

“That was taken by your grandpa and your mother many years ago… Your mother was very good when she was a child, and once,

She hid in the bathroom and never came out. I opened the door and saw that she was cleaning the toilet. . . . ”

Ali immediately went on to say: “I also wash the toilet.”

Grandma grinned her dry lips and smiled.

Grandma gently opened the curtains, the sun shone in, and she said in a hoarse voice:

“Grandma wants to bask in the sun, can you help me, okay?”

Mother is drying clothes in the yard. Grandma pointed to a large piece of wood sorrel and said to Ali:

“When your mother was a child, she liked to play sorrel with her grandmother the most. Every time she lost, she cried.”

Grandma picked two wood sorrel and entangled them. She and Ali pulled over and pulled them over.

Ali won every time and smiled happily.

Later, Ali asked her mother to compete with her grandmother. Grandma lost again. Ali asked her:

“You lose every time, why don’t you cry?”

Grandma had to pretend to cry, but grandma went on to say:

“Because Ali came to see grandma, grandma was very happy and didn’t want to cry anymore.”

Seeing that grandma was in a good mood, my mother specially prepared snacks and scented tea.

The three were drinking afternoon tea in the yard. Ali took a bite of the biscuit and said happily:

“Wow, so happy!”

Grandma sat for a while, and she became uncomfortable again, so she had to go back to the room and lie down.

A-liu’s mother helped her pull the quilt and took out all the toys, saying:

“I asked the excavator to sleep with you.” Grandma closed her eyes with a smile.

Ali walked out of the room and saw his mother talking to Grandma Zhou, her head drooping and lowering.

Still wiping tears, Ali didn’t know what happened, so he had to sit down and watch TV.

When the moon came out, his mother said to Ali: “It’s late, we should go home.”

Ali put the toys back into his backpack one by one, and said loudly, “Goodbye grandma! Goodbye Grandma Zhou!”

Grandma returned the excavator to Ali, took his hand and said:

“Good! Come see Grandma next time, okay?”

Grandma Zhou sent them to the door. Mother asked Grandma Zhou to take care of her grandmother.

Then they went to catch the last train.

Since that day, Ali never saw his grandmother again, and his mother said:

“Grandma has left the perfume village and moved to the sky.”

“Where in the sky?”

“It’s also Perfume Village! Your grandma has always liked living in Perfume Village.” Mother replied.

Ali thought, the perfume village in the sky must be farther, and you can’t reach it by train.

Therefore, my mother often stared at the sky in a daze, otherwise, she would shed tears.

Ali knew that it was because her mother was “missing her mother”.

Once, Ali patted his mother on the shoulder and said:

“Don’t cry! Your mother went to heaven to have afternoon tea with her mother.”

Ali patted his mother on the shoulder, and said to the sky:

“Grandma, do you have wood sorrel? Does anyone compete with you?”

When my mother heard it, she couldn’t help but put her arms around Ali, and she shed more tears.

Day by day, Ali can’t remember how long grandma has been away.

However, every time Ali and his mother took a walk,

Seeing the golden sunset, he smiled and said to his mother:

“Wow, grandma is frying eggs!”

When the moon rose, Ali smiled and said:

“Grandma turned on the lights! It’s night on her side too!”

One day, when it rained heavily, Ali couldn’t go out to play. He was very troubled and said to the sky:

“Grandma, don’t do your laundry there! The water is dripping down!”

This time, my mother didn’t cry anymore, she just hugged Ali tenderly and said:

“I think my mother really moved to another perfume village.

She did the dishes, did the laundry, and had afternoon tea there, right? ”

After listening to his mother quietly, Ali suddenly thought of a very important thing:

“But, don’t you go to have afternoon tea with grandma! You and I are drinking here, okay?”

Mother nodded, hugged Ali tighter, and she said softly:

“The perfume village in the sky is far away! You can’t reach it by train.”

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