Grandpa Nigel’s long beard

Grandpa Nige lives on a tall tower. He only has a beard on his chin. This beard is usually curled into a ball, and no one knows how long it is.

Grandpa Nige heard the sound of music coming from a distance, and he “whoops, whistle” blew his beard, and his body slid down along the long beard.

Oh, it turned out to be the stray singer Mimu the pig. Grandpa Nigel stood by and listened quietly.

Mim sang so well. 12 bears, 3 kittens and 4 foxes came.

Mim sang so beautifully! 5 monkeys, 6 puppies and 7 mice ran up.

Mim sang really well. 18 rabbits and 9 frogs were jumping over.

Mim sang really well! Ten hedgehogs were rolling in “Gulugulu”.

The little animals standing in the outer circle can’t see Mim’s performance anymore, everyone is noisy. It’s so noisy around, Grandpa Nigel is angry.

Grandpa Nigel’s long beard stretched out and tied 10 hedgehogs, 9 frogs, 8 rabbits, 7 mice, 6 puppies, 5 monkeys, 4 foxes, 3 kittens and 2 bears.

Everyone couldn’t move, and all fell silent. Grandpa Nige said: “I have a way to let everyone see Mim’s performance.”

Grandpa Nige stretched his long beard to the ground, and he let Mim stand on the beard.

Grandpa Nigel’s beard slowly rose. Mim is standing steadily in the air!

“Wow, that’s great! Grandpa Nigel, we want to stand on the beard too, we want to dance in mid-air.”

Grandpa Nige made everyone stand on his long beard. Everyone sang and danced in mid-air, playing crazy…

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