Grape Boy

There is a little boy called Grape Boy. He likes to eat grapes the most. After eating a grape, he spit out the grape skins.

The grape skins that the grape boy spit out can be paved into a path. The grape boy proudly said: “Ha, what a beautiful grape skin road!” However, he never walks on the grape skin road.

The fat pig accidentally slipped and fell on the grape skin road, and a red leather shoe fell into the ditch.

The kitten fell on the grape skin road and a fishing rod was broken into two pieces.

The little flower dog walked on the grape skin road, a dog’s tooth was knocked off, and a lot of blood was shed.

The little white rabbit walked on the grape skin road and soiled the white skirt.

Whoever walks on the grape skin road will stumble.

The Grapeboy laughed when he saw someone falling down, “Haha, another fool, fun and fun.”

One evening, a lot of friends discussed together, they decided to move the grape skins, and teach the grape boy a lesson.

The door opened, and Grape Boy walked out of the house and went to school for evening self-study classes. It was dark, and the Grape boy fell short when he walked not far away. He got up, walked a few steps, and fell again… Along the way, he fell a lot.

Later, the grape boy cried. At this moment, a torch appeared in front of him. When the grape boy saw, they were all friends who had been killed by him.

The little flower dog said: “Go, we will send you to school.”

The torch illuminates the path, they bypass the grape skin path, and happily send the grape boy to the school.

The grape boy thought, I will never vomit grape skins again. By the way, there are also grape skin paths, I must clean them thoroughly.

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