Green sun and blue snail

do you know? In fact, the sun we see every day is not the same. There is a huge tree on the eastern horizon. Every evening, the tree will bear a sun. Early the next morning, the sun will rise from the east, and then we will see him.

But one day, something went wrong, and a green sun grew on that big tree!

“Oh, what can I do?” The green sun was sweating on his head with anxiety, because it knew that all the suns before were red! “Who can tell me how to become red… Who can tell me how to become red…” He scratched his head and muttered.

“Maybe…maybe…I can help you.” said a small voice.

Green Sun looked down and saw that there was a snail on a tree branch, her head hanging low, her cheeks flushed, and her shell blue.

“Blue snail, what can you do?”

The snail’s head was lowered and his cheeks reddened, “You…you…you can think of it this way, the other suns are all red, but I am green, so ashamed!”

“Oh, this sounds good. If you are shy, your face will turn red! Good way! Let me try! The other suns are red, but I am green. It’s really shameful… Others The suns are all red, but I am green, so I am really ashamed… Oh, this is not right, other suns are all red, but I am green. I don’t think this is so shy? This can only be done. Explain… Explain that I am unique, right? Hehe!”

The Blue Snail never expected Lu Sun to say that. She opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say.

As a result, Green Sun’s face not only didn’t turn red, it seemed to be greener.

“Or…or…try this…you just think, my green face is so ugly! After so many thoughts, my face turns red. This is very useful.”

“Okay! Let me try! My green face is so ugly… My green face is so hard…cough! This is not right! I think my green face is not ugly, the grass is green, and the trees are green. , The forest is also green, so environmentally friendly and vibrant, right? Haha!”

Of course, Green Sun’s face did not turn red this time.

“Then…there is only one last way, you think, people will laugh at me when they see my green face, and then my face will turn red all at once. This is the most effective.”

“Okay! Let me try! Others will laugh at my green face… Hey! That’s not right. When others see my green face, they might think that I am different, and they will still like me. You won’t laugh at me, right… Okay, I already figured it out! I don’t need to be red at all. What I need is a good night’s sleep and be in the sky tomorrow morning! Hehe! Goodbye La, Blue Snail, thank you for helping me figure this out!”

After speaking, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The blue snail looked at the green sun sleeping soundly and thought for a long, long time. “Maybe, I don’t have to be so shy, right? Maybe, everyone likes my blue shell too? Maybe…”

Finally, for the first time, she slowly and slowly crawled under the tree.

Under the tree, a fluorescent dance party is being held. Fireflies are flying happily in the air carrying small lanterns. A large group of snails are dancing happily in a dance called “Twisted Three Twists” under the dots of fluorescent light, the blue snail Joined the dance team for the first time…

After a while, someone found her, “Wow, there is a blue snail here, her blue shell is so beautiful!”

After a while, someone shouted: “This snail’s shell is actually blue, so ugly!”

But Blue Snail ignored those voices, and she continued to be happy and intently beating. She decided that she would come and dance every night from now on. Because the feeling of being yourself bravely is really great!

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