Green sun

Green sun

From the bottle held in both hands,

I got to know Ji Bai.

From ripe apples,

I met Bright Red.

From the clear sky I look up to,

I met Azure.

When my third birthday,

Dad gave me a box of crayons.

I think I am so rich,

I got all the colors.

So, I drew:

A blue straight line,

That is the thawing creek;

Draw green ripples,

That is the distant mountains;

Draw another big orange circle,

It is the moon of Mid-Autumn Festival hanging on the horizon.

However, now,

I paint colorful cotton,

In order to make floral clothes for the little sisters;

I draw a transparent ocean,

In order to see the treasures on the bottom of the sea;

Draw another green sun,

To keep the summer cool.

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