Happy forest

The night was already deep, but Larry the Rabbit couldn’t sleep, he was angry with the little bear. In the evening, Little Bear pushed him into the mud pit, but he said instead that he didn’t look at the road and fell into it. “Why is there such an unreasonable person?” Larry became more angry as he thought about it, and couldn’t fall asleep. Suddenly, he thought that he had scolded the little tortoise the day before yesterday, saying that the little tortoise was the stupidest person in the forest. At that time, the little tortoise was crying with anger, but not only did not apologize, but also continued to laugh at him.

“It’s really uncomfortable to be bullied by others.” Larry was very guilty. “I’m going to apologize to Little Tortoise!”

At dawn the next day, Larry got up and came to Little Turtle’s house: “Little Turtle, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t scold you or laugh at you that day, I apologize to you!”

“Thank you for your apology!” Little Turtle said happily, “Now, I am not angry at all!”

Larry left, and Little Turtle’s face flushed: He stole Piggy’s strawberries last month. Piggy asked if he picked them. Not only did he deny it, but he also called Piggy a stingy. Little tortoise immediately went to Little Pig’s house to apologize to Little Pig: “Little Pig, I’m sorry, I stole your strawberries that day. I shouldn’t steal your strawberries, let alone scold you…”

“Oh, thank you!” Little Pig said happily, “I am not angry at all after hearing your apology!”

The little tortoise left, and the little pig blushed suddenly: he stepped on the vegetable that the little bear had grown last week, and not only did not apologize, but also beat the little bear.

Little Pig immediately walked to Little Bear’s house…

In the evening, Larry the rabbit was watering the flowers in the yard, and the little bear walked in: “Larry, I’m sorry, I pushed you into the mud pit yesterday, I’m sorry!” Larry widened his eyes and was very surprised: “Oh, oh …It doesn’t matter.” Larry’s grievance and anger disappeared immediately, “Thank you for your apology!”

Little Bear blushed and said, “Little Pig apologized to me just now, I feel very ashamed, I shouldn’t have treated you like that…”

There are people everywhere in the forest apologizing sincerely, everyone is very happy with each other, they think it is a happy forest!

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