Helpful little black bear

Little black bear is actually not young, because he is only five years old, so everyone is used to calling him little black bear.

Although the little black bear was still young, he helped the little animals in the forest with his great efforts to do a lot of things.

Not long ago, a heavy rain washed the little white rabbit’s house down. The little white rabbit was crying in front of the destroyed house. The little black bear got it and helped the little white rabbit build a stronger and more comfortable house. The little white rabbit kept saying “Thank you, thank you”, very grateful.

The day before yesterday, a strong wind lifted the roof of Little Grey Sheep away. The little gray sheep was too anxious, but he was too weak to bring in suitable wood to repair the roof. When the little black bear heard about it, he took the initiative to carry the wood to the little gray sheep, and after only half a day, he helped the little gray sheep repair the roof. Little Grey Sheep wanted to give Little Black Bear a gift, but the Little Black Bear refused.

Now, even the little black bear himself doesn’t know how many little animals he has helped. However, whenever the little animals wanted to say “thank you” to the little black bear or give him some gifts, they were rejected by the little black bear. He thinks that he has a lot of strength, and it is nothing to help others, and he does not ask others to reciprocate.

On this day, the little black bear wandered alone in the forest. When he reached an open place, the little black bear suddenly felt soft under his feet, and then sank. With a grunt, he fell into a trap.

In the trap, the little black bear slowed down, and gradually saw clearly-the trap was five or six meters deep, and the walls were smooth. “It seems that I can’t climb up by myself.” The little black bear thought, “What can I do?” He tried to shout a few times, but no one answered.

Just when the little black bear was desperate, he heard the voice of the little white rabbit calling him. He looked up and found that there was a circle of small heads in the trap. It turned out to be a little white rabbit, a little gray sheep, a smart monkey, a little flower deer… They found rope, wood and other tools to rescue the little black bear from the trap. It turned out that Clever Monkey went to the little black bear for help. After searching for a long time, he found that the little black bear had fallen into the trap, so he went to find everyone to help.

Seeing everyone sweating profusely, the little black bear gratefully said to everyone, “Thank you, thank you.” Who knows that everyone jumped and jumped away. The little white rabbit smiled as he ran and said, “You have helped us, but I don’t want anything in return. We don’t have to thank you for helping you.”

Looking at the back of the little friends, the little black bear smiled-it turned out that he helped others, and when he encountered difficulties, he could also get help from others.

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