Homeless puppy

There is a homeless puppy who walks alone in the woods, cold and hungry. When it walked past a cabin by the woods, it knocked carefully on the door.

An elderly grandfather walked out. He looked at the puppy lovingly, then picked it up, and turned back into the house.

“Little guy, you must be starving? Come on, eat.” The grandfather brought out a beautiful blue porcelain bowl with fragrant broth bibimbap.

The puppy made a satisfying “Woo” sound while eating. It determined that this was its home, and the grandfather was its dearest owner.

In another corner of the house, two pairs of eyes were staring at the puppy jealously. It turned out to be a bunny and a kitten, who have lived in this house for a long time.

“Huh, that’s my bowl, why should I use it?” The kitten was very angry.

The little rabbit also said, “Look, it soiled my red cushion.”

The puppy was full, and the grandfather gave him a fragrant bath, and found an unused wooden tub, put old sheets in it, and used it as a bed.

The puppy’s tub bed was placed side by side of the rabbit and kitten’s two cribs, Xiaomao and the kitten turned around, ignoring the newcomer.

Soon, there was the sound of the old grandpa snoring while sleeping. At this moment, the little rabbit and the kitten jumped out of the bed, and together they pushed the puppy’s bed to the other end of the room.

“We don’t like you!” they said unkindly.

The puppy was sad, but he said nothing. In the middle of the night, the cry of a fox came from the woods outside the house.

“Hey, here again, I can’t sleep well every night!” The puppy heard the bunny complain to the kitten.

“I’m going to chase it away!” said the puppy and rushed out the door.

After a while, the fox’s cry was inaudible. When the puppy returned to the house, the little rabbit and kitten had completely changed their attitudes towards him. They sincerely apologized to the puppy and pulled his tub bed back.

Now, the puppy has a nice name, Dudu.

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