Honey bear

Once upon a time, in a wooden house in the woods with flowers in full bloom, there lived a mother bear and two baby bears, Jimmy the Brown Bear and Jimmy the Flower Bear, and their family lived happily in the woods.

One day, Mother Bear said to Jimmy and Jamie: “Children, do you want to eat honey tonight?”

Jimmy and Jamie replied in unison: “Mom, we want to eat.”

Mother Bear said: “Then you can go find Sister Bee to get some honey! Remember, you must be polite!”

Jimmy said, “Mom, I see.”

But Jamie on the side was thinking: I want to eat honey tonight, great!

Jamie did not listen to her mother.

With that, the bears ran to the honeycomb.

Jimmy arrived at the honeycomb first, and he said to the little bee: “Sister Bee, can you give me some honey?”

The little bee said, “Of course, Jimmy, you can bring a jar.”

“Okay.” Jimmy ran home and took a jar.

The little bee said: “Jimmy, take the jar over a little bit, and I will let the brothers pour it for you.” Jimmy did what the little bee said, and sure enough, the sweet and delicious honey flowed into the jar.

Jimmy said, “Thank you, Sister Bee.”

The little bee said, “You’re welcome, Jimmy, you are such a polite little bear.”

With that said, Jimmy ran home and gave the honey to his mother.

At this time, Jamie took the jar and ran to the honeycomb, and said to the little bee: “Hey, little bee, you hurry up and give me some honey!”

The little bee said: “What kind of attitude do you have, don’t give it.”

Jamie was very angry, ran home angrily, and said to his mother: “Mom, the little bee doesn’t give me honey.”

Mom said, “Do you know how to be polite?” At this moment, Jamie’s face was flushed and he lowered his head.

Mom said, “Jamie, if you treat others well, others will treat you well, you know?”

Jamie said: “I will never be polite again, I have to be nice to others.”

Jimmy said: “It’s okay, everyone, come and eat the honey I took!”

At this time everyone laughed and happily finished sharing this delicious jar of honey.

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