How to pick the stars

Once upon a time, there was a boy…very happy (xǐ) huan (huan) stars, and he hoped (xī) hope (wàng) to have (kē) his own star.

He dreams (mèng) and wants (xiǎng) to be good friends with this star. They can catch (zhuō) (mí) (cáng) and walk together (sàn) together.

So the boy decided to catch (zhuā) a star. He thought that he must get up very early and set off, because the stars were hanging in the sky (guà) all night, and it should be very tired (lèi).

He set off at sunrise the next day, but he didn’t even see a single star. He sat down and waited for the stars to appear. He waited…waited…

Finally, just before the sun went down, he saw a star. But the stars are too far away, enough (gòu) not to reach.

He thought that maybe he could use the rescue (jiù) circle (quān) on the father’s boat to get the stars down (tào). But the lifebuoy is too heavy (zhòng), he can’t hold it.

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