Humming Pig’s Umbrella

When summer arrives, it always rains.

No, the scorching sun was just now, and it rained heavily in a blink of an eye.

This is the worst thing for the little ants, little dragonflies, little grasshoppers, and little bees who gather pollen to find food.

A few little ants were dizzy by the rain. Suddenly, the rain stopped and the sky suddenly became dark.

What is going on here?

Suddenly there was a buzzing voice: “Little dragonfly, little grasshopper, little bee, you can also hide under my umbrella to hide from the rain!”

Who is this? !

The few little ants were frightened and hugged each other.

After a while, a few little dragonflies, little bees and little grasshoppers also came to the little ants.

“This rain is coming too fast!”

“It’s too big!”

“Fortunately there is a big umbrella!”

A few little ants saw the little dragonfly, little bees and little grasshoppers talking about each other, wondering what happened?

A little ant asked: “Whose umbrella is this?”

A little bee replied: “It’s a humming pig!”

“Humming pig!” Another little ant patted his head, “Oh, it turned out to be the sound of Humming pig!”

Another little ant asked, “What about the Humming Pig? Why didn’t he hide from the rain under the umbrella?”

“Hahaha…” Little Bee, Little Dragonfly and Little Grasshopper all laughed.

Another little ant spoke: “I see, this big umbrella is a big ear of Humming Pig!”

“That’s right!” There was another buzzing voice, “The rain is still falling, you can wait in there!”

“Humming pig is really good!” said the youngest ant. “He was soaked in heavy rain for us. Will he catch a cold?”

“No!” Humming Pig said buzzingly, “My body is great, it was very hot just now, now I can take a shower!”

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