I dare to sleep alone

Father Rabbit and Mother Rabbit have their brains hurt. Why? Little Rabbit is too courageous. He dare not go to the bathroom alone, dare not sleep alone, and dare not even go from the living room to the kitchen alone…

Mother said, “There is nothing in the bathroom. Look, I’ll go to the bathroom!” She walked into the bathroom from the living room and walked out after a while: “Look, am I not in good shape? Nothing!”

The little rabbit shook his head: “I dare not.”

Dad said: “I’ll sleep in a room by myself tonight, and show you!”

The next morning, Dad came to the little rabbit: “Look, didn’t I sleep alone last night? Nothing happened!”

The little rabbit shook his head: “I still dare not…”

Father Rabbit and Mother Rabbit really have nothing to do. They thought about it, and Father Rabbit slapped his head: “There is a way!”

Father Rabbit said to Little Rabbit: “In this way, my mother and I will lend you a little bit of our courage, and when your courage becomes stronger in the future, we will give us back the courage we borrowed from you.”

“Really, great! Thank you Mom and Dad!” said the little rabbit happily, “but, how do you borrow it?”

“When you fall asleep during lunch break, I will put our courage into your stomach.” said Father Rabbit.

When the little rabbit woke up from a nap, Father Rabbit and Mother Rabbit said, “We have put our courage in your stomach just now, and now you are more courageous than ours! Don’t believe me, go to the bathroom and try!”

The little rabbit hesitated, and walked slowly to the bathroom alone. After a while, she walked out of the bathroom: “I really have the courage! There really is nothing in the bathroom!”

“No,” said Mother Rabbit, “try in the kitchen!”

Little Rabbit walked into the kitchen alone and walked out, “I dared to enter the kitchen too, I really have a lot of courage!”

In the evening, the little rabbit slept on a small bed by himself for the first time. The next morning, she ran out of the bedroom and yelled happily: “It’s not scary to sleep alone!”

Father Rabbit and Mother Rabbit looked at each other happily. Father Rabbit said: “Actually, courage is not a thing, and there is no way to borrow it. Our courage has not been lent to you, but your own courage is already big enough!”

Little Rabbit’s eyes widened: “Really? So, I’m already very courageous, but I haven’t dared to try?”

“That’s right!” said Father Rabbit: “Now, please answer my question-do you dare to go to the bathroom alone?”

“Dare!” the little rabbit replied loudly.

“Do you dare to go to the kitchen alone?”


“Do you dare to sleep alone?”


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