Invisible friend

The little rabbit with long ears built a small house on the grassland. This is a small house with red tiles and blue bricks.

Long Ears planted a tall paulownia tree in front of the small yard, planted a creeper by the wall, and planted fruit trees and several watermelon seedlings around the small yard. After a few days, the paulownia tree was covered with dense leaves, and the creeper crawled all over the blue brick wall. The watermelon in the yard is round and big.

One day, the little bunny’s long-eared friend, Fatty Bear, came as a guest.

The little chubby bear sat on the stone bench in the yard and said, “Little rabbit, you live here alone and don’t even have a friend

. Isn’t it lonely?” “No.” The little rabbit smiled with long ears, he said. “Who said I live here alone? My friends still live here. They helped me and made me live a happy life.”

“Where are your friends? I can’t see any of them.” Little Bear Said in surprise.

“I will show you my friends who you usually can’t see.” The little rabbit beckoned to the creeper, and said, “Friends, please come out.”

A little gecko climbed out of the thick leaves of the creeper, said the little gecko. “Hello, Mr. Fat Bear!”

said the little rabbit: “Mr. Gecko is fine. He helps me catch mosquitoes, flies, and flying flies every day.”

Little Xiong said happily, “No wonder there are no mosquitoes or flies here. Trick or treat, it looks clean and quiet.” The little

rabbit beckoned to the paulownia tree and said, “Come on, my friend!”

An owl flew down from the paulownia tree, and she said to the little fat bear, “Hello, Mr. Fat Bear! “The

little rabbit said: “Miss Owl is an expert at catching mice. With her protection, I don’t worry about mice stealing things and spreading diseases.”

“Oh, the little mouse is a nasty thief. You can sleep at ease like this.” Little Fat Bear said enviously.

The little rabbit beckoned to the muddy ground with watermelon and said, “Come on, friend!” A few earthworms came out of the mud and said, “Hello, Mr. Fat Bear!” The

little rabbit said, “Brother Earthworms.” Help me dig the soil so that my watermelon grows this big.”

The little rabbit beckoned to the outside of the wall and said, “Come on, friend!”

At this moment, a group of little bees flew from outside the wall. The little rabbit said: “The little bee helps my fruit trees to pollen, so that big and sweet fruits can be produced on the fruit trees.”

Little chubby bear said: “You are so happy that you have so many friends. I think there must be some around my house. Many friends, I also want to thank them.”

“Yes.” said the little rabbit with long ears, “we should really thank these friends who are usually invisible!” The little rabbit brought out a lot of fruit and cut the watermelon to entertain him. These friends of him. Everyone eats so happily.

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