This is a long time ago.

One day, a small butterfly flapped its beautiful wings and flew over the spring field. The sun is warm, the wind is refreshing, the flowers are fragrant, and the little butterfly dances happily.

Hey, where did the cry come from? The whimper made Little Butterfly’s heart cry. Little Butterfly is very kind, and his heart is as beautiful as his appearance. He is going to see who is crying, and for what he is sad, he flies towards the cry.

He flew into a valley and saw that there was a straight short branch, like grass not grass, like flowers not flowers, and he was drooping his head and crying. There are only a few green leaves on him, and he looks so monotonous, so cold, so lonely!

Little Butterfly stepped forward and asked with concern: “Hey, unknown friend? Why is it so sad?”

Xiao Zhi’er raised her head and looked at Little Butterfly, very moved, because it had been crying here for a long time, and no one came to ask. He choked and said, “I belonged to a flower, but I didn’t have a single flower on my body. I saw winter jasmine, lichen, red mountain… They bloomed so beautifully, so many bees and butterflies came to visit them every day. , I’m very sad! I don’t understand: the same spring, the same flowers, why is’beautiful’ not in touch with me?” Xiao Zhi’er cried, and finally couldn’t even speak.

Little Butterfly sympathizes with Dwarf Zhier, because he knows how terrible monotony and loneliness are! The only thing I can do now is to be a companion with the dwarf branch, even for a while, as long as you can give the dwarf branch a little bit of happiness, you will be content! So he flew to the short branch and whispered: “Let me be a’flower’ and be your company.”

At this time, a group of small bees flew up and saw the “flower” on the short branch. He shouted happily: “Look, what is that flower so beautiful?” Everyone flew up and shouted. Sing “buzzing” while dancing around the short branches. Xiao Zhi’er has never been so happy. He said to Little Butterfly: “Don’t go, let us be together forever!”

Little Butterfly shook her head and said, “Mom can’t find me, I’m so anxious, I will come again tomorrow!”

Little Butterfly just left, Xiaozhi Er cried again, and the crying made Little Butterfly feel sore, with a pair of soft wings, he had to fall on the short branch again.

Mother Butterfly didn’t see her child coming back, so she was very anxious, flapping her wings and looking everywhere. When she found the little butterfly, it was already five days later. She was very sad to see the little butterfly standing motionless on the short branch, turning into a pretty flower. However, seeing the golden bee coming, she was proud of the child again, because he was a kind of beauty, a new life was always engraved on the flower branch. Mama Butterfly imitated her child and resolutely fell on the flower branch and turned into a flower.

Since then, this world has added a kind of flower-a beautiful butterfly flower.

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