Itchy hair

The jingle dog is playing on the grass. There was a wind, and the wind blew small leaves and dust on his head.

Ding Danggou said to the snoring pig: “My head is itchy, please help me remove the small leaves on my head.”

The snoring pig took down the little leaves. Ding Danggou said: “Why do you still tickle?”

Strawberry Rabbit walked over and looked, and said in surprise: “There are bugs in your hair!” The Snoring Pig also cried out in surprise: “There are several very small bugs hiding in your hair!”

Strawberry Rabbit said: “You must have not washed your hair for a long time.” Ding Danggu said embarrassedly: “It has not been washed for three months.”

Strawberry Rabbit said: “This kind of lice likes to hide in dirty hair and bite people, so you will feel itchy.”

The snoring pig cried: “Come and wash your hair, come and wash your hair.” Ding Danggou said: “It’s very uncomfortable for the shampoo to flow into the eyes.”

Strawberry Rabbit said: “I’ll teach you a good way. When rinsing your head with water, as long as you face up, the water will not flow into your eyes.”

Ding Dang dog followed the strawberry rabbit method. Really, his eyes didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

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