Jasmine Guest House

In the Jasmine Valley, a new hotel was opened, and the breeze was blowing, and the curtain made of white petals was wafting with a faint fragrance; the sun was shining, and the green leaf bar was shining brightly.

The owner, Miss Butterfly, hung up a super big billboard: the top is a beautiful photo, the photo shows a stylish room, a small house, a mini basement, and a cozy attic: below it is written the hotel’s business philosophy. Everyone.

On the opening day, Miss Butterfly invited the magpies to play a happy march. Happy notes beat among the flowers, attracting bees, ants and small green worms. Everyone signed up to spend a good night at Jasmine Hotel.

The bee lives in a stylish room, where he can enjoy the sea view while lying on the stamen shaker and taste the sweet and delicious nectar.

The ant moved into the mini basement and walked down the flower-stem stairs. He saw a mysterious big maze designed by the roots of big trees. Inside were hung various foods such as cola, popsicles and cakes. There was a trampoline, slide and Ferris wheel. The ants wandered around here and had a great time.

The little green worm lives in a warm attic, a small world full of warmth: angel murals, red quilts, heart-shaped cushions, pink curtains, the sun shines on the flower dew bead curtain, the bead curtain becomes a string of fine and bright gems.

At night, the sky is full of stars. The bee and the little caterpillar are sitting in a corner of the window, watching the bright stars and thinking about their thoughts. At some point, a group of fireflies flew around the Jasmine Hotel. They flew and flew, as if they were hung up small colored lanterns for the hotel.

Boom, boom! Suddenly, a huge vibration sounded, breaking the harmony and tranquility of Jasmine Hotel.

The Jasmine Hotel shook violently, and everyone became nervous.

The bee first saw a big black foot, and then the ants and the little caterpillar saw a huge black shadow. In the moonlight, their eyes widened: Oh my God! Here comes a big hairy monster!

The monster’s eyes are bigger than every room in the hotel. His nose twitched slightly, and he looked at the hotel without speaking.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Suddenly, the monster sneezed loudly and almost sprayed the roof of the hotel.

“Help, help!” The passengers fell out of the hotel window without standing still. Fortunately, Grandpa Spider threw down a large, dense web and caught everyone.

At this moment, the monster stretched out a finger and opened the petal curtain, his eyes blinked and looked inside.

This small move caused 12 honeypots in the hotel to be knocked over. Miss Butterfly was anxious and angry, and flew to the door.

“Please don’t ruin my hotel!” The

monster’s throat moved, and there was a grunt, then his hoarse voice sounded: “Sorry, but…it reminds me of my mother.” The monster looked sad. Suddenly burst into tears.

“My name is Keke and I come from the Golden Sunshine Coast on the opposite side.” In the intermittent description of the monster, everyone learned that Keke’s mother once opened a hotel by the sea and liked to fill the hotel with jasmine. However, because of a terrible shipwreck, the hotel was destroyed, and he and his mother lost contact. In order to find his mother, Keke walked hundreds of miles along the coast.

Keke tells everyone that he can’t be too agitated, because once he gets emotional, he will sneeze fiercely.

“Don’t be sad, Keke!” Everyone took him to a clearing in the Valley of Flowers. After hearing his misfortune, everyone was full of sympathy for Keke. Bees, butterflies, ants and little caterpillars all persuaded Keke not to be discouraged. They decided to do everything possible to help Keke find his mother.

“Thank you very much! A—” Keke was a little excited, he hurriedly clutched his nose and ran away.

This night, everyone was busy driving: the spider set up a huge tent next to the Jasmine Hotel as a shelter for Keke: the little caterpillar family weaved a pair of big straw shoes for Keke: 22 jars of honey moved by bees to store Ask Keke to taste it; the ant drew a map for Keke to find relatives; Miss Butterfly didn’t have to relax, she rushed to make 100 giant billboards overnight, with Keke’s head painted on it, and underneath it, “Mom, please come Jasmine Hotel is looking for me”.

Referring to the map, Miss Butterfly placed the billboards at various intersections. She hoped that Keke’s mother would contact Keke as soon as she saw the billboard.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye. During the day, everyone acted individually to find Keke’s mother; at night, they gathered together to discuss a better way to find relatives. Although tired, everyone had no complaints.

In the face of all this, Keke was full of gratitude. He thought: “No matter what the result is, I will repay these warm and kind friends.”

Days passed, in order to find his mother, every day, Keke would still walk a hundred miles away, but when the night fell, no matter how many Tired, he would go back to the tent next to the hotel to rest. Because, Keke has regarded this as his home until one day –

“Koke, Keke!” It was a sunny morning, and the bees flew to Keke’s side excitedly, “Tell you a news. However, please don’t get excited.” The

bee took Keke to the open space of the Valley of Flowers and whispered for a while, and saw Keke’s mouth raised a sweet smile and rushed towards a billboard. Under the billboard, Keke saw a familiar figure…

That night, butterflies, bees, ants and little caterpillars held a grand banquet in the Jasmine Hotel to bless Keke and his mother.

The next morning, they woke up to the singing of birds. Miss Butterfly walked out of the hotel and was pleasantly surprised to find that the previous family-seeking billboards had changed-each sign was painted with a snow-white jasmine flower and a beautiful jasmine hotel, as well as the smiling faces of butterflies, bees, ants and small green worms. Also: Happy days!

Outside the door of the hotel, many visitors from afar gathered. They were all attracted when they saw the billboard. The guests asked to stay in the store one after another, and Miss Butterfly was very busy.

Soon after, Miss Butterfly decided to make the hotel bigger. She opened three branches, and the new owner had already been selected. She invited bees, ants and little green worms to operate together.

Jasmine Hotel redefines its business philosophy: let warmth penetrate your heart.

Because the beauty on the surface does not last forever, but the warmth and touch are eternal.

Who changed the billboard? Tell you quietly, it’s Keke. Those billboards contain a good memory of him and deep blessings.

Now, Keke is no longer alone. He and his mother built a villa by the sea and lived happily.

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