Jenny lost her scarf

On a sunny spring day, the little black cat Jenny Linsky was sitting on the open windowsill, staring at her red scarf on the garden clothesline.

“I’m so glad the butler washed my scarf,” Jenny thought, “then I can wear a clean, warm scarf and go to the cat club’s annual picnic.”

But suddenly , A wild dog called a “robber” by the cat club rushed out from the corner, grabbed Jenny’s scarf, and ran away with it in its mouth. Everything happened in an instant, Jenny had no time to think, no time to be afraid. She had only one thought: to take her scarf back from the “looters”. So, she took a shortcut through the garden, jumped over the tall and wide fence, and ran along the path into South Street.

Sniffing the sidewalk, Jenny found traces of wild dogs and scarves. She traced it all the way to the toy and catnip shop on the corner of the street.

Here, the traces of the “robber” suddenly turned the corner and turned into Mulligan Street.

“I guess he took my scarf to the doghouse.” Thinking of this, Jenny shuddered.

She tiptoed up to the toy and catnip store and peered cautiously into the dark corner of Mulligan Street. The den of the “looter” and his dog buddies is there. There was no dog in sight.

“They might all be in the den, lying on my scarf,” Jenny thought to herself, “I want to go in and take my scarf, even if they bit me.”

Fortunately, at this moment , two ringing sounds were heard behind her. A friendly voice, “Jenny, Jenny Linsky! Wait for us!”

Jenny turned and saw twin cats Romulus and Remus standing on the opposite side of the street. Of course she was waiting for them. When the traffic lights changed from red to green, two twin cats with ragged and messy coats hopped towards her.

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