Jingle bells are higher than jump

Grumbling, croaking, there are fish blowing bubbles on the river.

It was Ding Ding Yu and Dang Dang Yu waking up.

While brushing his teeth, Dingdingyu said to Dangdangyu: “Let’s see.”

Dangdangyu gargle, while answering: “Walk and see.”

Quietly in the morning, the fish dolls are sleeping, what do these two little guys want to do?

Crescent said: “Don’t make noise, don’t make noise!”

The stars said: “It’s so lively and lively.”

The grass by the river said: “I’ll know in a while.”

Dingding fish and dangdang fish are higher than fancy jumps.

Both Dingding Fish and Dangdang Fish have participated in high jump competitions. You won in a while, and I won in a while. The two of them had a tie, but no one was convinced.

One day, the little frog asked them: “Dingding, Dangdang, who of you two jumps high?”

Tinkerfish said: “I am tall.”

Dangdangyu said: “I am tall!”

God, who is taller anyway? . The little frog said, “Can you just compare each other in private?”

How to compare? Compared with each other, it is also a tie.

Tinkerfish said: “Let’s have a high jump, how about it?”

Dangdangyu said: “Okay, what tricks do you want to play?”

Ding Dingyu suggested: “Go to the riverside, isn’t Grandpa Willow’s beard the old elder. Let’s climb on his beard and play tricks.” Dangdangyu immediately agreed.

No, the two little guys got up early on purpose.

Tinkerfish shouted and set off, and the two little guys started a long-distance race together.

Ding Ding Yu said: “You must lose!”

Dangdangyu said: “I will win!”

When they came to the river, Dingding Turtle and Dangdangyu shouted one, two, three, hey, they both grabbed Grandpa Willow’s beard at the same time.

Tinkerfish said, “Look at me, I can swing Grandpa Willow by the beard.”

The ding-ding fish swayed and swayed so far.

Dangdangyu said: “That’s what a skill, look at me, I can sleep with my arm around Grandpa Willow’s beard.”

Dangdangyu fell asleep and snored sweetly.

Grandpa Liu Shu was dreaming. He shook his head when he dreamed that someone was picking his ears.

Tinkerfish swings farther.

Dangdangyu snored louder.

These two little guys didn’t know that Fengwawa listened to Grandpa Liu Shu telling the story. Yesterday, Grandpa Liu Shu told half of the story, and he was talking about the wonderful place. Grandpa Liu Shu said: “Tell the other half tomorrow.” Fengwawa deliberately got up early. , I want to wrap up Grandpa Liu Shu and finish the other half as soon as possible.

Through the moonlight, Feng Wawa was taken aback: Oh, what are the two things on Grandpa Willow’s beard?

——Grandpa Willow, wake up!

Grandpa Liu Shu didn’t know what had happened, so he woke up with a sharp shake of his beard. It doesn’t matter how far the Ding Ding Yu and Dang Dang Yu were thrown.

Dingdingyu was dizzy and Dangdangyu’s butt was sore, they both yelled together.

The little frog is coming, and the little frog said angrily: “You guys, how can you compete in a high jump on Grandpa Willow’s beard? It’s too polite!”

Dingding fish and Dangdang fish blushed.

Grandpa Willow said cheerfully: “It’s okay, come on. I’ll be the referee for you. My beard is a ruler, you can start to compare.”

Dingding fish and Dangdang fish got up together, regardless of the pain, they began to fight again.

Dingdingyu and Dangdangyu were in a tie for three days and three nights, and the outcome was difficult to distinguish.

Now, Ding Ding Yu and Dang Dang Yu still can’t tell the difference.

As long as you pass through ponds, small rivers, and small lakes, you can still see the scene of the game of Ding Ding and Dangdang. If you are interested, you can refer to them and see who jumps higher!

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