Jumping bed by the pond

The weather gradually warmed up, and the little field mouse and the mother field mouse walked through the pond and saw purple flowers blooming in the pond with large and beautiful yellow spots on the petals.

“Mom, look, those flowers are like peacock feathers.” said the little field mouse.

“That’s duckweed.” said the mother field mouse.

The mother field mouse remembered something, she hurried to the shore, dragging many dry duckweed. Duckweed piled together like a thick bed. Mother field mouse climbed up and briskly jumped up.

“Mom, I want to play too!” The little field mouse was so happy, he jumped with his mother. The petioles of duckweed are bulging and swollen. The little vole hopped around on it, playing very high.

“Mom, it’s fun!” Little Mole laughed.

Suddenly, the little field mouse sank and fell onto the deflated duckweed.

“It’s okay!” The mother field mouse smiled and pulled up the little field mouse. “You jumped too hard and you smashed the swelling bag of duckweed!”

At this time, the mother squirrel took the little squirrel across the hillside, and the little squirrel saw the little voles and the mother voles from a distance.

The little squirrel usually ran and smiled and shouted: “I want to play too! I want to play too!”

“Hi–” Climb up!

“Hehe–” Jump down!

“Haha—” Bouncing up!

This afternoon, the mothers dragged a lot of duckweed together and spread them into a thick jumping bed.

While resting, the mother field mouse used her claws to dig through the soil on the hillside, digging out a small pile of peanuts. The peanuts are not fully mature yet, the shells are white, the kernels are tender, and they are delicious!

The mothers also have inflated bags of duckweed, making cute puffed pillows for their babies.

That night, the little field mouse was lying on her little bed, hugging her little pillow, and felt like she really liked her mother: “I will be like my mother and be familiar with every plant in the field. I have to learn how to find food. Come up with many fun games, but also…”

In the field, there will be many interesting things, what will it be? Little Mole thought and thought, he has liked this field more and more.

The little field mouse blinked his eyes. He was a little sleepy and wanted to sleep soundly. Good night, the moon outside the window! Good night, bushes in front of the cave! Good night, peanuts on the hillside! Good night, beautiful duckweed in the pond.

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