Just let yourself be a screw

Da Liu and Xiao Li are the backbone teachers of Chinese and English respectively in the school.

As for Da Liu, he only takes a graduating class every three years. He is at ease. He usually has the opportunity to go to other places to study and recharge. On weekends, he will either accompany his family at home or take his family to the countryside to experience farm life. In winter and summer vacations , I simply went to other places to travel, the family had a good time, work and life were correct, and the people seemed to be younger and younger.

Xiao Li is completely different. He is about the same age as Liu, his face is gray, and he looks like a little old man. I was running between home and school. The weekend became a single day. After a week, I was half tired. There is no time to tutor my son’s homework. My son’s head teacher has said several times that you are also a teacher. You should tutor the sixth grade. He’s got his son, his grades are always up, and he looks very worried. He is also anxious. The parents’ meeting has never been held, not to mention taking his son to get the air out, so as to relieve the pressure of studying. When I talked about my family, I felt very guilty. I had long wanted to go to the outside world like Liu to see and update my knowledge, but the school leader said: You are a gatekeeper, one nail and one eye, you Go, who will take your place, farming is only a delay of one season, teaching is a matter of life for the students. Xiao Li thinks about it, too. There are all kinds of difficulties, so let’s find a way to overcome them.

One day, Xiao Li and Da Liu happened to get together. Xiao Li told Da Liu his troubles and asked Da Liu what to do. Da Liu said nothing, but led Xiao Li to the dormitory, took a hammer and a nail from the toolbox and gave it to Xiao Li, and said, “You knock this nail into the wood, bang. After a few strokes, Xiao Li smashed the nail into the wood, revealing only the nail cap. At this time, Da Liu said, “You will pull the nail out for me. “Xiao Li tried several times, but the nail was firmly embedded in the wood, and it didn’t move.

“You are like this nail, firmly occupying the position of the teacher in the third year of high school. No one can replace you. Naturally, you have to stay in this position and cannot get rid of it.” Liu said, “I am, like This screw.”

Da Liu took out a screw and used a screwdriver to drill the screw into the wood in just a few clicks. “If I pull the screw out of the wood, it’s very simple. I only need to reverse it a few times with the screwdriver. “Sure enough, Liu used the screwdriver to reverse it a few times, and the screw came out.

“Actually, as long as you are like this screw, you can easily withdraw yourself so that you don’t always stay in that position, and you will be relieved easily.”

After listening to Liu’s analysis, Xiao Li understood how he should do it. He taught his years of accumulated experience to other teachers in the English group so that he could replace him. There were more gatekeepers in the English group, and Xiao Li also I liberated myself from the post of gatekeeper, and people are much more relaxed like Liu.

Speaking of the reasons for his ease, Xiao Li said: “The key is to make yourself a screw, which can be replaced. You will be very easy if you walk your own way and help others on the road.”

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