Kind of chair

The old grandma is getting older and she has to take a small chair wherever she goes.

The peach blossoms were about to bloom, and the grandmother walked to the park with a small chair.

Under the peach tree, a group of gardeners are busy. They hummed a little song, watering and fertilizing the peach trees one by one.

On the peach tree, a group of bees are busy, humming a song, collecting nectar and pollinating the peach blossoms one by one.

The grandmother was reluctant to go home, she sat in a chair and kept watching. The bees sang in their ears buzzing. The gardeners were busy humming a little song. The old grandma fell asleep while sniffing the fragrance of flowers and listening to the singing.

A careless gardener came over and poured a little water on the little chair. Like other peach trees, the watered little chair grows stubbornly. After a while, the Kung Fu chair took root, pulled out the leaves, and grew many buds, blooming pink flowers.

At this time, a passerby found out that on a branch of a peach tree, there was an old grandmother sitting. She was napping against the branch, like a naughty child.

Everyone laughed together. The old grandma woke up, she thought she had climbed so high, so embarrassed, she blushed like a little girl…

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